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Assignment on Religion and Theology

The term theology is concerned with the nature of God and focuses on the Christian belief. In this section of Researchomatic you will come across a range of assignments on theology which focuses on Christianity and also on different world religions. The collection has been compiled carefully to encourage understanding of the concepts and to assist students and researchers in finding quality content and informative assignments on religion and theology.

The Worldview ‘christian Ethics’
The Worldview 'Christian Ethics' [Name of the Institute] The Worldview 'Christian Ethics' Part One The Question of Origin - Where did we come from? God created the earth and the heaven on own accord. This reflects the God is the creator of this entire universe (Sire, 2004, pp. 23-6). Not only this, God has ...
Historical-Cultural Context
Historical-Cultural Context Historical-Cultural Context Answer 1 Historical culture context is critically discussed cultural, social, political and economical setting for individual event or idea. In order to making better understanding or consideration about history, people look at its context for comprehend that time events. People also enhance their ordinary and unique ideas for ...
Discovering The Literary Context
Discovering the Literary Context Discovering the Literary Context Literary Context Literary Context is based on the environment in which a literary work is developed. When we refer to the context is everything around the text we have. Fabric of the narrative thread of the story identified as during a reading that is found ...
Arguments That The Bible Is The Word Of God By Elmer Towns
Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God by Elmer Towns Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God by Elmer Towns Q1. Of the ten arguments that the Bible is the Word of God presented by Dr. Towns, which argument do you find the most convincing? The most ...
Evangelism Evangelism Intellectual Method: Four Spiritual Laws Summary Four Spiritual Laws is a highly renowned method of evangelism, which is comprised of multiple Biblical verses for the development of its four laws. In this evangelistic method, Gospel of Jesus has been described by the interconnected construction of four laws. The first law is based ...
An In-Depth Study To Demystify God’s Plan Of Salvation, The “scarlet Thread” Through Biblical And Doctrinal Truths
An In-depth Study to Demystify God's Plan of Salvation, the “Scarlet Thread” Through Biblical and Doctrinal Truths By FIRST DRAFT-CHAPTER 11 Introduction1 a)Purpose Statement1 b)Thesis1 c)Background1 d)Warrant for This Study3 i)Direction of many Sermons3 ii)Messages of contemporary Church and Gospel Music4 iii)Reduction in “Sunday” or “Church” School5 iv)Lack of Understanding7 e)Types and Organization of Research7 FIRST DRAFT-CHAPTER 1 Introduction Purpose Statement The purpose of ...
African American Church History
African American Church History African American Church History Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) Marcus Garvey, a revolutionist and a great leader, was born in Jamaica on Aug.17, 1887. After attending primary school he entered in the business of print press. He went to Kingston in 1903. There he got involved in political activities and contributed ...
Religion & Public Policy
Religion & Public Policy Religion & Public Policy Introduction Role of a religious ethic in public policy today is one of the most debated issues these days. Religious organizations and religion have an impact on political behavior, such as campaigns and voting. Due to the ethical values of religion, public policy is affected ...
The Old-Testament
Religion & Theology Religion & Theology Religion & Theology The Old-Testament in the Christian tradition refers to the New Testament. Among the Jews, the Bible commonly referred to Kitwe ha-Kodesh ("Holy Scriptures") or, in abbreviated form, the Tanach - the first letters of the names of three principal parts of the Hebrew Bible: ...
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Part - 1 The Question of Origin The questions of origin, or the evolution of the mankind, in the Buddhism, do not contradict with the principles of the theory of evolution. However, there were certain questions pertaining to the eternity which were reserved by the Buddha on the grounds ...
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