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Research Papers on Normal

Theology is the rational study of the different concepts surrounding the existence of God. Students, who are writing normal research papers on theology, need to focus on different religions and theories about them. This section of Researchomatic provides normal research papers on religious studies, religion and theology. From natural theology to Christian theology, the topics are diverse and informative.

Worldview Paper
WORLDVIEW PAPER Worldview Paper Worldview Paper Introduction Mormonism, of which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the main organization, founded in the early nineteenth century in the United States. The nickname given to supporters of Mormon comes from the Book of Mormon, which they recognized as another sacred text along ...
Relationship Between Religion And Politics
Relationship between Religion and Politics Relationship between Religion and Politics Introduction Religion and politics are two ways of interaction with that which transcends the individual human being. With the former, since the first ape took consciousness of their vulnerability, they tried to send messages of sympathy supposed superior beings, they had, perforce, ...
Open Theism
Open Theism Examination of Open Theism and Its Proponents Introduction The idea of one God dominates the church's perspective. The traditional perspective of oneness of God stresses the majesty and glory of God. According to this perspective, God is supreme in his power and control. According to the proponents of the traditional view ...
Buddhism And Atheism
BUDDHISM AND ATHEISM Buddhism and Atheism Buddhism and Atheism Introduction The paper compare and contrast Buddhism and Atheism on the basis of religious practices and faith, it also answers some of the questions on personal views about marriage, sexual relationship, religious festivals, body modification and abortion in light of the religious beliefs. Buddhism In general, ...
ZOROASTRIANISM Zoroastrianism Name of Writer Name of InstitutionAbstract The paper discusses one of the most ancient religions of the world Zoroastrianism. It features its history since the day of its inception. Moreover, it discusses the beliefs held by the people who believe in this religion. Furthermore, it enlists the practices that the followers of ...
How Religion Has Influenced Flannery O'Connor's Writing
How Religion Has Influenced Flannery O'connor's Writing Introduction Flannery O'Connor is uncharacteristic of her age. In writing about the pervasive disbelief in the Christian mysteries during contemporary times, O'Connor seems better suited to the Middle Ages in her rather old-fashioned and conventional Catholic and Christian conviction that the central issue in human ...
Pat Morris Neff Biography
PAT MORRIS NEFF BIOGRAPHY Pat Morris Neff Biography Pat Morris Neff Biography Introduction Pat Neff was Governor of Texas from 1921 to 1925 and President of Baylor University from 1932 to 1947. He also served on the Texas Railroad Commission, the Texas State Parks Board, the National Board of Mediation, and the Texas ...
Ethics Of Life
ETHICS OF LIFE Ethics Of Life: Abortion Ethics of Life: Abortion Introduction The abortion is a simple medical procedure that ends pregnancy. Through the story around the world and in many religions, women have used abortion as part of their health care. Not all women believe abortion is right (Panicola, 2007), but every ...
JATAKAS Jatakas Jatakas Introduction The "Jataka Tales," or Birth-stories of the life of Buddha in his previous existences before becoming the Enlightened One, forms a body of fable literature that is recognized to be of great importance to folklorists. More than five hundred of these stories have been handed down from over two ...
Kindness Of God
Kindness of God God is the creature of the whole world. He created man not only that they will worship Him but also to act gently and kindly with one another. Never associate anything God, He is almighty, and there is no parallel to Him. Humans should obey their God in ...
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