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Theology is the rational study of the different concepts surrounding the existence of God. Students, who are writing normal research papers on theology, need to focus on different religions and theories about them. This section of Researchomatic provides normal research papers on religious studies, religion and theology. From natural theology to Christian theology, the topics are diverse and informative.

Experience Of Prayers
EXPERIENCE OF PRAYERS Leave the black suit at home Leave the black suit at home Discussion Who can solve the problems facing those who considered impossible to solve, is God. For him there are no limits. He is the one who responds with power. Believe in the Lord, Believe and persevere, two ...
A History And Relations Of Judaism, Christianity And Islam In Middle East
A History and Relations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Middle East Table of Contents Introduction1 Judaism1 Strengths of Judaism2 Weaknesses of Judaism3 Issues of Today's & Tomorrow's Jews3 Christianity4 Strengths of Christianity5 Weaknesses of Christianity5 Islam5 Islam and Terrorism7 Similarities and differences among Judaism, Christianity and Islam7 Relations among Judaism, Islam and Christianity8 Judaism and Christianity10 Conclusion10 A History and Relations of Judaism, Christianity ...
Experiencing Community
Experiencing Community Introduction Every culture and nation has its own ideas, whether conscious or sub-conscious, on how community life should be structured and what expectations are placed on individuals within that community. Sometimes Christians think of certain aspects of culture as Biblical and teach them as being “Christian”. The primary goal ...
Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking Introduction This thesis study is designed to prove that positive thinking alone will not bring a permanent change. Permanent transformation can only be made as we renew the mind in faith and incorporate the Word of God in our lives. Unless we perceive ourselves to be perfect human beings, humans will ...
The Doctrine Of Salvation
The Doctrine of Salvation Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion4 Historical Development Of The Doctrine Of Salvation13 In The Bible14 In Dogmatic Theology16 Importance Of This Doctrine For Baptists Today18 The Son as Mediator of Salvation20 Conclusion26 Bibliography28 The Doctrine of Salvation Introduction Salvation (being saved) denotes liberation from the control of sin. The real meaning of the baptists' doctrine of salvation is ...
Religious Service
RELIGIOUS SERVICE Religious Service Abstract The research highlights the assumptions that are observed in a religious service. The study focuses on the misconceptions that have to be considered in the research. This paper emphasizes on the misconceptions related to Islam, when visiting Islamic centre. Thus, the misconception is associated with a number ...
Odyssey Greek Gods
Odyssey Greek Gods This paper will focus on the famous Greek God of War Ares. This paper will highlight Ares' background, his area of expertise, his associations, and one of his famous stories. Background Ares is referred to as the God War by the Greeks. As warfare was not the chief focus of ...
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