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Research an early child development

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Early childhood development


One of the distinct phases of human life is the child hood. Development is the pattern of socio emotional, cognitive and biological changes that usually begins at conception and it continues throughout the life span. Most developments involve the growth processes of a child and it involves eventually the dying (decay). Parents are the key models in their offspring's life. The period of the early childhood development mainly extends from the end of infancy to about five to six years. During this phase a child becomes more self sufficient, append many hours with peers and develops the school readiness skills. The developmental patterns are complex as it is the mixture of various processes such as cognitive processes, biological processes, and socio emotional processes. The biological processes involve the alterations in the child's body in which the inheritance of genetic plays a huge part. Cognitive process involves the changes in the language, intelligence and thinking of a child. And the socio emotional processes involve the changes in the relationships of a child with other individuals. This paper includes critique on four articles selected involving the current topics of research in early childhood development.

Article 1: (Early Childhood Development, 2004)


In this article the author defines the child hood development as the development of human between the adulthood and infancy. The purpose of this study is to suggest the importance of the childhood stage. This article also defines the complex achievements and milestones documented by various researchers, including the motor behavior, physical growth, social and personal behavior of a child. Psychoanalytic developmental theories have also been defined which states how the parent child relationship has lifelong implications for a successful interpersonal and personality development and mental well being. Cognitive development theories have also being taken under consideration that emphasized the early childhood development as the major step in the child's construction over knowledge and reality. The author also states that the child should acquire high quality day care in his child hood so that some aspects of social and cognitive development can be enhanced. The study concludes that initially working on a child's early interventions program, head start and kindergarten can help a child to recognize the importance of learning and achieving good cognitive processes.

The Critique

The paper has perfectly drafted the importance of the early childhood and early childhood studies. As it depicts that learning starts in infancy that may continue throughout a person's life. It indicates that the children seek out opportunities to learn and maintain healthy relationships with other humans. But the effective interventions can help to eliminate the risk and helps to improve the developmental outcome of a child. The writer could have suggested the environmental and genetic factors and influences over a child's development. No particular methodology of this research has been defined; this article only depicts the benefits of early child hood education. In my opinion there are several techniques that can help to promote the mental, physical and intellectual ...
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