Scientific Management Theory

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Scientific Management Theory

Scientific Management Theory


Scientific management theory helps the companies in improving their operating efficiencies and in ensuring that they work in a manner that is helpful for their organizations. The processes involved in the development of the organization have been made efficient so that the labor productivity of the organization increases. This theory has helped a number of organizations in improving their economic efficiencies and in making sure that they are able to work in a manner that is beneficial for them, as well as, the employees. The management style under this theory is quite different, and the managers have to make sure that the employees are performing to their best potential.


The management of the company needs to make sure that they hire the workers based on a scientific technique due to the needs of the employees, as well as, the patients. The spirit care of the patients should also be considered by the management. The management of the company should make sure that they are able to accommodate the employees in the best possible manner so that they can make sure that they are doing their best. There are many organizations that depend on this theory and make sure that they implement in the right manner so that the effectiveness of the organizations increases (Marquis & Huston, 2009).

Merck, a well known pharmaceutical company also uses this theory. This company makes sure that they implement this theory and ensure that the employees are hired using this theory. While hiring, they make sure that the scientific method is followed for hiring the best individuals. This helps the organization in making sure that they develop the best workforce in the industry. At Merck, it is important for the people to make sure that they possess the skills and that they are able to know more about the industry so that they can compete with the other individuals in the industry (Nichols, 1994).

People working at Merck, have to make sure that their performance does not decline. The management ensures that their management assists the employees in working in the best manner and that they are able to bring out the best in the people. The company has applied this theory since long and has been quite successful as all the operations in the company follow the same theory. The company ensures that the finances of the company are also managed in a scientific manner that helps in knowing more and also how the financial management of the company should be done.

The financial condition of Tri-County Home Health Agency is not very good. The revenues of the company have been declining; therefore, the company has to make sure that it takes steps that will help it in getting out of this difficult situation. The financial position of the company is weak, which is why, the company is not left with any option, but to reduce the workforce. The company has to implement reduction in force (RIF). This practice is not at all encouraged in ...
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