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Skill Development

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Skill Development


My name is Fatima Bourai, I was born in the year 1987 in the country of Algeria. I consider self-awareness as aignificant factor for personality development..Everybody tends to develop varipus skills within themselves with a certain time period and events one experience in life.

This paper will be based on my fragile skills which require improvement as per my previous paper related to Self-Analysis of Management Skills. Skill development takes place when the strengths and weaknesses are identified particularly. Additionally I will be further discussing specifically two of my skills which require through improvement.

Persuasion and convincing power and skills

Presentation skills and verbal communication

Effective persuasion comes from critical thinking while verbal communication is aligned with self-confidence and authenticity of the conversation. Fear of facing a large number of people often causes stammering and lacking in the presentation skills. Further in the paper I will be discussing the improvement steps and its impact in detail.

Skills that require development Persuasion and convincing power and skills: Being a student I realized that persuasion is an essential part of my communication and conversations. I wanted to work on my persuasion skills so that my communication is made highly effective and understandable. High-quality persuasive skills always back a student in defending his/her arguments and conversations. As I have learned through the writing of (Kramer, 2009) A few steps seems to be helpful in order to perform persuasive communication.




My plans to improve persuasion and convincing skills

Take admission in psychology classes regarding the understanding of people: I took admission in a well known psychology class, where the professionals train brilliantly regarding the persuasion power.

Attending seminars related to persuasion: After I realized that I lack in convincing people to my point I started searching for seminars taking place regarding this topic.

Reading books related to persuasion power: I bought a few books regarding persuasion power which include “managing power and people” by George J. Superrich, ?Russell W. McCalley and “the art of persuasion” by Andrew K. Gulledge. I kept reading them regularly in order to understand the criteria of persuasion and convincing power.

Ask friends for feedback: Eventually I realized that my friends can be a great help, I started communicating with them professionally so that they could honestly tell be my lacking and areas of improvement.

Impact of implementing my plans

I mentioned five of my plans which proved to ...
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