Social Media Ethics In The Workplace

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Social media ethics in the workplace

Social Media Ethics in the Workplace


In a world where communication dynamics have transformed tremendously, companies need to realize the importance of professionalism in their communication systems at their workplace. For centuries, different codes of medical and legal ethics have evolved that have governed their activities, representatives of these professions. They lined up in detail and logical. In contrast, the disposal of specialists in computer technology and, more generally, web was only a few decades to develop and formulate a code of ethics and principles of the correct use of these relatively new technologies. Most of the work on computer and web ethics is done by Western journalists and academics. However, the issues raised in the literature, are not unique to the Western world only. They are global in nature, and for them there are no linguistic or political boundaries (Herman, 2004).

Already for several decades before the advent of what we now call the Internet or web, all who have used computer technology, worried about the problem of security of files, and they took appropriate action. However, one can hardly consider their actions in terms of forming a code of ethics. Only once in the bowels of the Department of Defense United States appeared ARPANET, from which, in turn, began the evolution of the network, that there exists a problem of ethics of web. Today, this problem, due to the importance of the computer and web technologies, is place in one of the biggest issues in the world. Accusations are heard on all sides of using the web and computer for nefarious purposes. The web is sometimes illegal, immoral or just. Many of these violations occur because of complete indifference or innocence, but some are done deliberately. Efforts are being made in the world to stop such actions (Herman, 2004).

The ethics of web is based on a set of rules developed to control the activities of individuals using the web. These set of rules are called Netiquette. Netiquette is a word derived from French etiquette and English net (network) or network and come to denote the set of rules that govern the behavior of a user in a newsgroup (newsgroup in English) a mailing list, a discussion forum or using the e-mail. By extension, it is also used to refer to all general rules of behavior on the web. Netiquette is simply an adaptation of the rules of etiquette to the real world and virtual environment technologies. Although, normal label trends have evolved to be even part of the rules of some systems, it is quite common that the rules of etiquette are based on a system of "honor" that is, that the offender does not receive even a reprimand. In the same way that there is a protocol for physical encounters with people, the so-called netiquette describes a protocol to be used to make "contact" address (Michael, 2011).

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As the use of computers and web have become an essential ...
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