Stockholm Syndrome

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Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome


This paper intends to discuss a recent case of Stockholm syndrome. The basic reasons behind the Stockholm syndrome being commonly prevalent in the child abduction cases will be examined. Moreover, the psychological, emotional and physical consequences on the victim during the captivity will also be explored. The purpose of this paper remains to make the reader aware about the various significant aspects related to the Stockholm syndrome.


Recent Case of Stockholm syndrome

The case of Jaycee Lee Dugard seems to be the most prominent case related to the Stockholm syndrome. The case of Jaycee Lee Dugard goes back to 1991 when she was kidnapped from a bus stop at the age of eleven only. Phillip Garrido is the man who kidnapped and raped her. Despite having many chances during the eighteen years of abduction, Jaycee was provided with several chances to run away. The abductor used Jaycee in his business and she had several changes to run away but she never apparently exploited any chance (Sethi, 2001).

The most amazing thing related to this case is that Jaycee has agreed upon the aspect of her life as she is married with his abductor. The case of Jaycee Dugard is the most popular cases of Stockholm syndrome. Jaycee has recently been united with her family after almost eighteen years. She was kidnapped from California in 1991 and remained captive for almost eighteen years by a man who is assumingly mad and his wife. Phillip and Nancy Garrido are the main abductors in this case. Phillip Garrido has been convicted as a rapist and a sex offender and keeping Jaycee in captivity for eighteen years (Sethi, 2001).

This case has been referred to the Stockholm syndrome mainly because a young child was abducted and captivated against her will ultimately resulted in creation ...
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