Technology Advancement

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Technology Advancement

Technology Advancement


Computers are considered as the most essential part in today's life. In the current era it is hard to imagine life without computer technology. It plays a vital role in accomplishing various tasks and it helps to complete the desired tasks in the more efficient and convenient way (Liberto, 2003). In 1970s, people used to rely on typewriters in order to accomplish their work requirements. In those days if people wanted to copy any document, they used a carbon paper or mimeograph for that purpose. Hardly small number of people heard about microcomputers but they did not pay much attention to this technology. Two young enthusiasts of computer, Paul Allen and Bill Gates, recognized that personal computers are important in every field of life and they are the way to the successful future (Liberto, 2003).


History of PC and the Microsoft Operating Systems

The history of PCs as selling customer electronic devices efficiently started in 1977 with the beginning of microcomputers. On the other hand some minicomputers and mainframe computers had been introduced as single user systems in the earlier years. In mainframe computers the requests of the end user is filtered through operating staff or through a time sharing system in which a single processor is shared by a large number of people (Agbinya, 2010). On the other side a personal computer was designed for the individual use and because of this advantage it became more popular in people. Mainframe computers were considered as the most expensive computers but after the progress of microprocessors, personal computers became more affordable because of its low prices. In the early days, personal computers were famous with the name of microcomputers. They were sold in limited numbers and in the form of electronic kits (Agbinya, 2010).

In the year 1975, Allen and Gates formed an organization named Microsoft. Microsoft was not a big organization but it was the small organization along with huge vision. They have the vision of computer in each home and on each desktop. Those two enthusiastic boys started to do efforts in order to accomplish their vision and now everyone can see their proof of success (Liberto, 2003). They designed an operating system for personal computers which facilities the user to use the personal computers in the convenient way (Geisst, 2009).

In the year 1980, Allen and Gates hired Steve Ballmer, class mate of Gates, to help them in order ...
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