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Research Papers on Aviation

Universities teaching aviation require students to write research papers at the end of almost every term. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with one of the biggest collections of research papers on a wide range of aviation topics to support and assist students in getting quality literature. This library is very easily accessible and is used by students all around the world.

Hazmats In Aviation
Hazmats in Aviation Abstract This study provides detailed analysis of the aviation accidents and cargo damages due to the hazardous chemical substances. This study mainly focused on the study of ValuJet Airlines flight 592 and different other similar accidents. This study highlights the various safety issues associated with the flight operations and ...
A Chain Of Events
A CHAIN OF EVENTS A Chain of Events Abstract Air travel is the major long distance and oversea transportation system in the world. It increases the pace of continental business trade and travel, and consequently becomes a catalyst of the global economy. The waxing and waning of the strength of a country's ...
Designing An Aircraft
Designing an Aircraft Designing an Aircraft The Cessna 182 is a four-seat, single-engine aircraft. The 182 is known as part of the Skylane series of aircraft offered by the plane maker. The 182 has a maximum airspeed of 150 knots, and a 927 nautical mile flight range. This 182 series is a ...
Aviation Safety
Aviation Safety Aviation Safety Introduction One troubling criticism of deregulation is that aggressive competition has forced airlines to cut corners, resulting in safety lapses. In 1990, Eastern Airlines was handed a 60-count federal indictment charging it with shoddy and dishonest maintenance practices. The indictments came after years of complaints by the financially troubled airlines' mechanics, ...
Wireless Technology In Airline
Wireless technology in airline Contents Introduction3 Wireless communication4 Basics of wireless4 Transmitter5 Receiver5 Radio Frequency5 Wireless technology in the airline industry6 Wireless/Radio technology in aircraft6 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)7 Distance measuring equipment DME8 Instrument landing system (ILS)9 Global positioning system (GPS)12 Emergency locator transmitters (ELT)13 Radar altimeter13 Weather Radar14 Wireless technology at Airports16 WI-FI Hotspots17 Public addressing systems17 Wireless Security devices17 Conclusion18 Wireless technology in airlines Introduction How reliable and required information can be ...
Airline Regulation
Airline Regulation Airline Regulation Airline Regulation Introduction In 1978, an Act called the Airline Deregulation Act was formed which transferred the control of the air travel to the market sphere from the political sphere. The previous company controlling the Airline was the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). CAB controlled the consumer issues, mergers, inter-carrier ...
Aviation Industry
AVIATION INDUSTRY General Aviation Manufacturers Association Writer's Name Writer's University Abstract The General Aviation Manufactures Association was set up as a platform to bring different aviation manufactures together so that the common interests can be better met in the short and long term. As time passed, the association took various measures that helped it to ...
AUSTRALIA Country Brief: Australia Abstract The research paper focuses on Australia, specifically Australian Airline, Airports, Currency, Politics and Languages spoken in Australia. Brief information is shared and analyzed regarding Australian Languages, Australian flag carrier and Major International Airports, Politics and Australian Dollar. Country Brief: Australia Introduction Officially known as Commonwealth of Australia, Australia is located ...
Stealth Technology
STEALTH TECHNOLOGY Stealth Technology Table of Contents ABSTRACT3 CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION4 Thesis Statement5 CHAPTER II: REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE6 CHAPTER III:17 THE EVOLUTION AND PROGRESS OF SUCH TECHNOLOGIES17 CHAPTER III: RESEARCH ANALYSIS21 CHAPTER IV: RESULTS AND CONCLUSION23 REFERENCES26 ABSTRACT In this study we try to explore the facts about Stealth technology. What is stealth technology, how it works, what are the technicalities ...
Helicopters And Tourism
HELICOPTERS AND TOURISM Helicopter's Impact on Tourism and Sightseeing Helicopter's Impact on Tourism and Sightseeing Introduction The tourism and leisure industry is one of the booming industries worldwide, employing a total of approximately 100 million people worldwide. In current times of increasing globalization, the need for customized travel services for business is getting bigger ...
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