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Assignment on Computer

Assignments on computer and related subjects can get very complicated and difficult. This is because these assignments are very tricky. However, Researchomatic has one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its assignments on computer sciences and related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Students of computers from all around the world access these assignments for inspiration.

Electronic Submission System
ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION SYSTEM An Electronic Submission System to Enable Students to Electronically Hand in Their Assignments An Electronic Submission System to Enable Students to Electronically Hand in Their Assignments Introduction Assignments are a powerful tool for enriching academic experience. They are intended to promote assimilation and enable learners to evaluate their ...
Mac Vs Pc
MAC VS PC Mac Vs PC Mac Vs PC Introduction Apple had launched an anti-PC campaign. The campaign spots are easily recognizable thanks to a format they all meet. Mac had launched commercial against Microsoft (York, 2008, p.14). The famous Apple campaign personifies the PC as a boring guy with glasses, chubby and ...
Visual Analytics
VISUAL ANALYTICS Visual Analytics Visual Analytics Introduction Visual analytics is a field that gives attention to detail by combining different scientific and technical areas. The essential advantage of Visual analytics is the degree to which the Visual analytics allows attention to detail (Rae, 2011; Isenberg & Fisher, 2009; Wang, Dou, Chen, Ribarsky & ...
FPGA FPGA Introduction An FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is a type of programmable chip that is designed to behave in just about a way to do what you wish. The FPGA must be configured before it is used. The configuration process is very easy and similar to the programming of computer, except ...
ASSIGNMENT Assignment Assignment Question One The typical approach to the problem of churn prediction is using a sufficiently large data set that contains churning and non-churning customers. This set is being analyzed to construct a classifier. The work of a classifier is to decide, given a customer data set, if churn is more or ...
Integrated Circuits
INTEGRATED CIRCUITS Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Chip Sets Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Chip Sets CPUs basic architecture The CPU is considered as the brain of computer. The CPU lies on the motherboard, in a form of large integrate circuits, consisting of numerous components and wires. The very basic architecture of any processor involves three major ...
SCI3SLP SCI3SLP: Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Chip Sets SCI3SLP: Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Chip Sets Introduction The processor, or CPU (the Central Processing Unit), is the component running the computer programs. With the memory in particular, it is one of the components that have existed since the first computers. A processor constructed in one ...
E.R.P Enterprise Resource Planning Executive Summary Nowadays, when the industries are progressing very rapidly, there is an essential need for the management of the resources and the procedures of the industry efficiently on the daily basis. It has become immensely important which will help in the coordination of several services and activities ...
Project# 03
PROJECT# 03 PROJECT# 03 Introduction Natural disasters result in crippling economic losses and human tragedy, hampering development wherever and whenever they occur. Due to recent rapid urbanization in developing countries, many people reside in buildings and areas that are vulnerable to natural disasters. Disasters that strike in developing countries can severely impair ...
Project # 02
PROJECT # 02 PROJECT # 02 PROJECT # 02 Introduction In Supply Chain Management (SCM), the inventory control problem is very complicated and challenging because the planner needs to consider several factors, for example, supply chain structures, coordination levels, and information sharing processes. The inventory control policy used by each entity is ...
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