The Abrahamic Covenant

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The Abrahamic Covenant

The Abrahamic Covenant

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The Abrahamic Covenant4

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The Abrahamic Covenant


Various names of God can make one learn about his character. The God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, is one of these names. The concept of God as a God of relationships and people was prominent early in the Scriptures, which is also one of the most reassuring aspects of our Creator. By studying the different agreements that He made with the Jewish people in particular and with humankind in general, is another way to look at the God of relationships. A covenant is the name given to such agreements that celebrate commitment and relationship. Understanding God's plan for Israel and for humankind is critical to understanding God's covenants.

Throughout God's Word, eight such covenants have been ratified and drawn. They are the New Covenants, the Davidic, the Noahic, the Edenic, the Land, the Abrahamic, the Mosaic and the Adamic. Abrahamic covenant is one of the most important and foundations of other covenants, as a direct result, it governs God's relationships with the nations of the world and His unique relationship with Israel. The Abrahamic covenant is the basis for the development of other covenants. It gives proper understanding about God's way of dealing with humankind in general, His purpose for the Nations and the Israel. In between the Israel and/or humanity and the Creator, God's covenants can be seen as legal agreements, in many ways.

The Thesis Statement

This paper will illustrate, highlight and bring to light the importance of the Abrahamic covenant and its acceptance in understanding the Bible from a religious perspective using the book of Genesis as a crucial and intensive quantity of study.

The Abrahamic Covenant

The substance of the Abrahamic Covenant is exhibited in the chapter thirteen till fifteen, in the book of Genesis. The promise to Abraham of a seed is contained in the Covenant. A property on which his pit will inhabit and this seed will shall be to great number. Through his beloved wife Sarah, Abraham has no natural offspring as he was advanced in years, therefore, this an assurance practically too eccentric to have faith in. Abraham countered to Lord for righteousness and believed him, which is depicted in Genesis 15:6 in the Scripture. Proceeding to period, when Abraham arrived at the Canaan's land, he has been a Chaldean for seventy five years.

Abraham was a Chaldean culturally, God begun to work in him to condition him to service. Throughout the past of civilize work, after agreements were completed in deed Chaldean, depending in the importance of the covenant numbers of animals and by the death of an animal, they were validated and affirmed.

Regarding the land and the seed, when God presents the covenant or agreement to Abraham, he questioned to God which is states in the book of Genesis in 15:8, it says, “O Sovereign Lord, how can I know that I shall gain possession of it?”. In return of which, Lord commanded Abraham, “Bring Me a ...
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