The Future Of Media Technology

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The Future of Media Technology


Technological development is the process of research and development of technology. Many emerging technologies are expected to become generally applied in the near future. The new technology development process leans on the development through to the use of a technology (e.g. by introducing products that are based on the new technology in market). Life cycles of products and technologies also are different. However mostly, it is difficult to see the difference between products and technologies and people often confound these two terms. Then, the New product development process equals the new technology development process. As of April 2008, carbon nanotubes could fit to the size of a few millimeters. It's approaching its many other potential applications (Rossiter, 79).

Discussion and Analysis

How many times have you been to an unfamiliar town or city and found yourself desperate for the loo but with no idea where the nearest public convenience might be?

This is the premise behind the idea for this project. To produce a resource so those unfamiliar with their current surroundings will be able to attend to that basic human need with the minimum of fuss. Wouldn't it be great if you knew where the nearest convenience was if you were on a beach, in a town centre, or how far you had to go while travelling on the motorway? Or if you were just coming home after a boisterous night out at a pub? The inspiration for this website came about after hearing a set of outrageous stories about getting caught short whilst out and about.

Some unusual locations were mentioned to great amusement of all within earshot. So to spare you all further embarrassment here's the idea.

The site will be database driven and will initially only cover Oxford and Oxfordshire, with the intention to expand this to the whole of the UK. Further expansion as and when funding can be found. The premise is for the average person with a WAP phone or similar portable internet connection, to call up the website, put in the name of the town they are in, and a list will come up of where all the generally acessible public toilets can be found. I envisage the user to be someone new to the area, or visiting, so a resource like this would be much appreciated. A ratings system similar to the Michelin restaurant guide will be applied to the states of these, so the user can be forewarned of any noxious scenes, whether there are disabled facilities, etc.

Types of entries will be council run public toilets, major restaurant chains, hotels, garages, shopping malls, pubs, internet cafes. Locations will be given by street names, and where possible large landmarks to help the desperate user (Sissors, 98).

Energy development is the ongoing effort to provide sustainable energy resources through knowledge, skills, and constructions. Harnessing energy from primary energy sources and converting them into more convenient secondary energy forms, such as electrical energy and cleaner fuel, both emissions (reducing pollution) and quality (more efficient use) are ...
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