The Relations Between Sound And Avant Garde Film In The Silent Era

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The Relations between Sound and Avant Garde Film in the Silent Era



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In this study, the researcher aims to determine the relations between sound and avant garde film in the silent era. Film historian Tom Gunning argues persuasively that actuality films and narratives in the early period have more in common than this rather bipolar, seemingly mutually exclusive division might suggest. Generally, though, available evidence seems to indicate that not a great deal of thought was put into the use of sound by many avant-garde filmmakers. This would have undoubtedly stemmed from the fact that many artists and critics who were exploring the artistic potentials of cinema in the 1920s were primarily concerned with the medium as a visual art. Thus, many films were created as visual artefacts, while the musical accompaniment to such films was oft en subject to the whim of the exhibitor. Furthermore, the researcher opted for qualitative methodology. Secondary data enable the researcher to determine the relationship between sound and avant garde film in the silent era, it also helped to explore various aspects of the silent era and the significance of avant garde and sound. Qualitative method helped the researcher to analyzed the data in accordance to the requirement of the research. Finally, the researcher concludes its research by summarizing the overall findings of the research.






Background of the Study1


Purpose of the Study4

Problem Statement4

Rationale of the Study4

Aims and Objectives5

Theoretical Framework5

Research Questions6



Avant-Garde Film8

Silent Era and Film Audiences10

Theories of Sound12

Sounds and the Silent Era14

Sound and Films15

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