Absorption Of Supplements Inside The Body

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Absorption of Supplements inside the Body



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1.1 Background of the study1

1.2 Rationale1

1.3 Theoretical Framework2

1.4 Significance of the Research3

1.5 Research Aims and Objectives3

1.6 Research Questions4

1.7 Need for Further Evidence4


2.1 Introduction5

2.2 Absorption of Vitamins6

2.3 Absorption of Minerals7

2.3.1Lack of Minerals8

2.3.2 Importance of Minerals in the Body9

2.4 Absorption of Electrolytes10

2.5 Vitamin and Mineral Interaction inside the Body12

2.6 Toxicity of Supplements inside the Body13

3.1 Pitfalls and Problems14

3.2 Rationale for a Qualitative Study14

3.3 Literature Search15

3.4 Research Design15

3.5 Ethical Considerations16



5.1 Conclusion19

5.2 Recommendations20



1.1 Background of the study

Food is necessary in order to provide the nutrients to the body it needs not only to stay in shape but, above all, to live. It is therefore necessary to eat daily and in considerable quantity, the three major classes of nutrients (carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins) that will give us energy and help us grow and survive. The human body has a high degree of complexity with an organized system of over 60 trillion cells, each with a unique structure and specific nutrient requirements for proper operation. Since these chemicals, the body will build and repair body structures and regulate metabolic processes (Annette, 2004). Food is any natural or synthetic substance into the blood, nourishes, repairs the wear and gives energy and warmth to the body, without harm or cause loss of functional activity. In addition, external factors such as stress, strenuous exercise, diet, snuff and pollution can affect our balance vitamin and mineral.

1.2 Rationale

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that with industrialization, urbanization, and globalization in both developed and developing countries, dietary patterns are changing towards intakes of more energy-dense and less nutrient-dense foods; and lifestyles are changing towards less physical activity and more sedentary activity, resulting in increased nutrition-related or lifestyle-related chronic diseases, So as to prevent and control this growing public health priority of chronic disease, a healthy diet and active lifestyle need to be promoted

1.3 Theoretical Framework

Definition of Vitamin and Mineral Supplement The word vitamin was coined in 1912 as an abbreviation of the term of "vital amines", meaning essential factors in the diet 24. In early 1940s, the first vitamin and mineral supplement tablet was produced 24. By now, there have been 13 vitamins and 15 minerals identified as vital nutrients to human health 24. Unfortunately, up to now, there is no exact definition of vitamin and mineral supplements. Nutritional Supplements Under the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations, a ...
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