Academic Honesty Poster Campaign

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Academic Honesty Poster Campaign


In this research paper we shall see the affects of Academic honesty in colleges and universities. What are the challenges faced by the educators in teaching new generation students? We shall see the main reason behind violation of Academic codes and finally, come to the conclusion.




Basic Policy4

Use of Sources5

Creative Work5


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Academic Honesty Poster Campaign


Academic honesty and integrity is the basic need in each school and university. School and Universities want to dedicate itself in academic and educational vision, but it is not possible without personal integrity. These actions are not only the reflection of honest actions, but it also helps for others to seek from it. Every school and university wants its student to be truthful and forthright. They want that their students are not engaged in such activities that may harm themselves or school. All members of the community are expected to show integrity in their learning, teaching, research and writing.

The welfare of the universities focuses on the performance of the students and faculties, when show performance based on its academic codes. Faculties are allowed to review the work of students and prevent them to take part in wrong activities, which are against the academic codes. The public value of student's education depends upon the integrity of the grading system. When any student shows academic dishonesty, then, it will affect their grading system. When any student catches his fellowman during cheating and breaks the rules of Academic integrity, he should make complain. It is not necessary that complain is made by the student's own name. Students learn from other students and faculty members.


Basic Policy

Student made achievements in academic career considering the basic policy. If the student receives credit for any work, word and idea which was taken from other student then, he is doing dishonesty and broken the academic integration rules. Students are expected to tell the truth. If students do misrepresentation of facts, significant omissions, falsification and other wrong conducts then, they violate the academic code. If the name of a student is written on any exercise, essay, reports and assignment then, that should be the student's own effort. Student has not taken help from any footnote, journal, and articles except the sources which were prescribed for the tasks. It is happened sometimes, when supervisor or instructor allows students to work in collaboration with each other but, this effort remarked as the joint effort and no single student will take credit as alone. If the student does not understand the codes, then it is not considered as the excuse but dishonesty. If any student has doubt about any work then, he immediately contact with his instructor.

Use of Sources

In many cases student need, to take sources, information and opinions from outside in order to achieve the goal. These sources should be added in bibliography. There is also need of citations and footprints in the articles because these are not the general agreement. Any new idea or discovery should be properly ...
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