Canadian Local Customs And Values

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Canadian local customs and values


Canadians come from many ethnic backgrounds and religious groups. So it's not easy to define a Canadian family is ideal. Although the majority of Canadians are Catholic or Protestant, members of many Canadians are, form other religions, such as: Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. In any case, some cultural characteristics shared by most Canadians. As an immigrant, you will experience get-together with many different capabilities, people and their way of living. This variety has diverse effect in all aspects of Canadian families. “Each little Province is a little nation by itself."(Charles, P.32).Most settled in the land of Canada and later grew from other European colonies in the Americas, have been symbols of pioneers, hunters, and traders are important in the early development of Canadian culture.


Before arguing whether immigrants should adopt local Canadian, local customs and values or not, it is very important to discuss what are the customs and values of local Canadians. (Nelson, P.35)Different families, different life styles: In Canada, different types of families live. “If we only have great companies, we will merely have a prosperous society, not a great one. “Economic growth and power are the means, not the definition, of a great nation”. (Collins, P.52 Marry with other ethnic groups among different families is allowed. Many people in Canada believe in order to raise children and to achieve their goals should be to work both husband and wife. This is true for people with different levels of income from workers to doctors and executives. Single-parent families are very common and accepted around the phenomenon. Most single parents-growing children - are female. Many of the children after school are not living with their parents. Many people believe that to live a few years on their own - very helpful.

Divorce, Marriage and the law: Marriage is a legal agreement/contract between two people. Marriage laws united across Canada. Wives are treated as equal associates. Priests can conduct the marriage ceremony. Religious rights and ceremonies that accompany marriage are your personal choice. Many couples live together without registering the marriage. Canadian law does not distinguish homosexual marriages. Divorce is also produced if one partner has caused other damage in the form of violence, betrayal, etc. if a divorcing couple has children; the court requires a person with high income to look after the children and the spouse.

Family preparation and Birth control:

Birth control is widely practiced and it depends on the people what they choose. Condoms can be bought in pharmacies or vending machines in many public toilets. Condoms are an important means of protection against diseases like AIDS.

Women can get a prescription for not in a position of a pregnant woman from her doctor. Family planning information is available at health offices and public health departments. Abortion is legal but may only be made by doctors.

The problem of fathers and children: Youngsters are very often difficult relationship with their parents. Eta problem is called the problem of fathers and children. All parents recognize that at ...
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