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Start & Ending of the Story

The Boeing 747 also known as Jumbo Jet is actually termed as one of the most iconic based aircraft in the entire world. This above stated aircraft was first introduced in the year 1970 and around 1500+ aircrafts were manufactured in around 6 various versions or categories. This aircraft was the first one that actually comprises of the features for double passenger decks and due to this specific reason. This aircraft was actually converted in different versions for the use of government as well as military purposes. While analyzing and evaluating the script for Boeing 747 movie; the first ever idea that comes to my mind is to start the movie by illustrating positive features of this stated aircraft in order to grasp the attention of all the viewers. As a matter of fact, every story should actually start from an inspiring and eye catchy moments so that viewers can actually develop more and more interest in it and this is the only best possible method that can enhance the effectiveness as well. Therefore, by depicting all the positive as well as lavish features of Boeing 747, this movie can start with the best starting and can further move on with all the other enhancements as well.

On the other side, the ending of the movie should be in such a manner that makes every viewer suspicious about this aircraft and develops the feeling of travelling in it. This can be the best ending of the movie because by this the popularity of the stated aircraft will enhance and by this manner best possible outcomes can also be generated in a positive manner. Boeing 747 is an aircraft with various features and if one really wants to travel by availing various facilities and really wants to enjoy the flight then this is no doubt one of the best options. Therefore the movie should be start and ends in such a manner that let viewers think about it and by this the effectiveness of this aircraft will also enhance and will help in generating best possible outcomes as well. Along with all the other aircrafts, this is no doubt one of the luxurious one and one can easily travel in it without any kind of monetary based fear or anything else. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that starting as well as the ending of the movie should be in an innovative as well as in an attractive manner.

Important elements to be included in the Story

Boeing 747 is termed as a wide commercial based as well as a cargo airline that is actually embedded with various facilities as well as luxuries. As a matter of fact along with other leading aircrafts, this aircraft is important to a great extent and this is one of the best reason that why all the important features should be included in the story. As per various researches it has been proved that every story is actually depending on the ...
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