Cultural Practices

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Cultural Practices

Cultural Practices


Culture is distributed information, convictions, standards, dialect, mind-set, and knowledge amidst a community group. Learned and distributed patterns of connection and data that have significance for a group.  (Mikel's slides)Hispanic community is a heritage because this heritage standards the family and devout practices, they have their own vacations for example Cinco de Mayo, they have a Hispanic cuisine and method that only the Hispanic Culture is renowned for.


To commemorate the Quinceanera, the proceedings start with a Thanksgiving Mass (Misa de Acción de Grácias). The juvenile Quinceanera (the young female whose fifteenth anniversary is being commemorated) is escorted by a head chamberlain (chambelan), other chamberlains, maids of respect (damas), her godparents (padrinos) and of course, her adoring mother and father. Everyone is dressed formally and the scene resembles a marriage entire with bridesmaids and the Quinceanera will wear something that stands her overhead the rest, usually a ball gown and some stunning jewelry. In very vintage times, when ball gowns didn't exist, she would still have been attired in a kind that would distinguish her from every individual else.

The Mass is held in the family's place of adoration and in the vintage days, would have been undertook in the community's accumulating place. The observance is a reaffirmation of the baptismal vows made by her parents.

The history of Quinceanera has passed heritage traditions and affectionately held values on through numerous generations. This includes a special candle observance that aims to express gratitude the persons in the juvenile girl's life who have been there for her and assisted her to evolve and grow.

Hispanic subgroups generally share more likenesses by the district or locality of the world where they are from or a descendent from. Over the years there is progressively expanded leverage of Hispanic heritage and occurrence all through the United ...
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