Exploiting Immigrants Workers In The Uk

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Exploiting Immigrants Workers in the UK



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1.1 Presentation of the Study5

1.2 Background of the Study5

1.3 Purpose of the Study6

1.4 Problem Statement6

1.5 Research Aims and Objectives6

1.6 Research Questions6

1.7 Ethical Considerations7

1.8 Limitations and Suggestion for Future Research8

1.9 Theoretical Framework8


2.1 Introduction9

2.2 Nature of the Study9

2.3 Immigration Policy in UK10

2.4 Jobs for Immigrant Workers13

2.5 Gendered Immigrant Economies13


3.1 Research Design14

3.2 Literature Search14

3.3 Research Method15

3.4 Databases Used16

3.5 Timeline16



1.1 Presentation of the Study

This study focuses on the various aspects of exploiting immigrant workers in UK, and comprises of five chapters. The first chapter will provide an introduction to the topic including the purpose and significance of the study. The second chapter will presents a review of relevant literature, highlighting the previous research carried out in this field. The third chapter will cover the methodology for this study. The analysis of findings and discussion will be presented in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter will conclude the dissertation, providing implications and useful recommendations for further research.

1.2 Background of the Study

In recent years new programs and policies have been implemented in UK by the government for the immigrants, through which several immigrants plan to settle on the same place or extend their stay. One of the most popular programs is about highly skilled migrants, introduced in January 2002 and subsequently amended in November 2006: the HSMP(Highly Skilled Migrant Program) program. There are also numerous opportunities for the investors , the students graduating in the UK , the descendants of British Commonwealth citizens , the residents who want to live with their families , the active tourist (wishing to engage in an activity during their stay); and the skilled workers (or not) who have an offer of employment in the United Kingdom (Hondagneu1994, 201).

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The main focus of carrying out this study revolves around one of the debatable concerns of immigrants in United Kingdom. This study will focus on how these immigrant workers are being forced to work and have been exploited by different agencies.

1.4 Problem Statement

In recent years there has been an increased emphasis on exploitation of immigrant workers residing in United Kingdom. This research originates from the observation, reactions and emphasis on the exploitation of such issue.

1.5 Research Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research study will be to provide an answer for the following research objectives;

To gain an understanding into various aspects of exploitation of immigrant workers in United Kingdom

To find out the ...
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