History Of Terrorism

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History of Terrorism

History of Terrorism


This paper intends to discuss terrorism. The paper will explore the history of terrorism from the reign of terror to the present era. The differences between terrorism and other types of violence will also be explored. Moreover, the linkage of terrorism to the democracy as suggested by David Rapoport will also be analyzed. Differences between Stalin and Hitler will also be explored. The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the history of terrorism and its various significant associated aspects.


Today's world is facing the ongoing war on terrorism mainly after the attacks of 9/11 in the United States. Terrorism is not a new phenomenon and according to some historians its history can be traced back to the French Revolution.

History of Terrorism

The history of terrorism can be traced back to the French Revolution. Moreover, terrorism came into existence as soon as people started using violence to impact the political situations of the countries. It has been suggested that the 'Sicraii' is assumed to be the first terrorist group belonging to the first century who started murdering their enemies for the purpose of defeating Roman rulers from Judea. Further, the Hashhashin group is assumed to promote the concepts of terrorism during 11th to the 13th century within the premises of Iran and Syria (Martin, 2003).

Definition of Terrorism

Terrorism is one word which has many definitions. However, there is no concrete consensus on the definition of terrorism. Various authors have described terrorism as being extremely negative from the intrinsic viewpoint of politics. Moreover, it has also been suggested that terrorism is emotionally and politically related to achieving the desirable political outcomes. Terrorism is largely related to the acts of violence. Terrorism is also defined as an act which helps in achieving inhuman political outcomes ...
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