Leadership And Success At Work

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Leadership and Success at Work

Leadership and Success at Work


Leadership is a management relationship between the leader and followers based on an effective combination for the situation of different sources of power and aimed at encouraging people to achieve common goals. Mandatory requirement of leadership - to wield power in the specific formal or informal organizations of different levels and scope of the state and even groups of states to government agencies, local government or national and social groups and movements. Formalized power of the leader is fixed by law.


The majority of the people agree that George Simpson and John Mayo were the ones to be blamed for the fall of GEC-Marconi, and I agree with them. Moving from old economy to a new one was not an easy task to do and it required a lot of knowledge, observations and investigation. Moreover, it required Marconi to have a strong position in US and grow aggressively. However, Simpson and Mayo rushed everything and did not have a full picture of the industry.

It is a completely over-ambitious growth strategy and wrong decision to concentrate on telecommunication. Mayo admitted that Marconi had missed numerous new trends and investment chances. (Mayo, 2002: 18) Buying two dozen companies for billions of pounds which very quickly became almost worthless was totally not a sensible thing to do, especially when Simpson and Mayo have not investigated the companies they bought fully, observed the market in depth and knowing their financial situation well enough. It became even more ridiculous when Mayo addressed that they could have bought the companies that they thought to be profitable at cheaper prices. (Mayo, 2002: 18) It might seem harsh for Arnold Weinstock to have tight financial control and not to buy the overpriced companies or unlikely to perform but those are profit-making.

However, at least Weinstock could foresee the future of the companies he bought and acquired them with reasonable and profitable prices, unlike Simpson and Mayo. Moreover, in order for Weinstock to forecast the future of the companies he bought, he must have studied the companies he was interested in. In contrast, Simpson and Mayo did not know a lot of the companies they bought or the industry they were moving into, not to mention whether they had studied the companies or the industry. Northouse mentioned about the Three-skill approach which leads to effective administration.

The Three-skill approach includes technical, human and conceptual skills. Technical skills suggested the knowledge and ability to work in a specific type of activity proficiently, for which analytical ability is crucial. It does not require as much technical skills in higher management than the lower ones. However, it is still important for Simpson and Mayo to have the technical skills in order to make effective administration decision or goal-setting. The ability to work with other people is human skills, which helps leaders to work effectively with their colleagues towards the common ...
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