Leadership Paper

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Leadership Paper

Leadership Paper


"Leadership is based on the spiritual quality; power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow" (Clark 2002 41). Leadership has been and always will be a key element in the success of the country. Without strong leaders, countries or societies will not be successful in this disordered world. Everywhere in the world, people need a leader, leaders must have certain characteristics that people can look up to and follow. People want a strong, qualified people to lead them to become a great leader must have vision, integrity and be critical and, above all responsibility. These features can provide a leader will be great, and this leader will lead his country to greatness.


Leadership has and always will be a key part of organizational success. Leadership takes on even greater significance in the modern world. Without strong leadership are not enough people, organizations have success in a troubled world. Moreover, everywhere we look today; it seems we are constantly looking for people to be leaders. We want the strongest, most qualified person to run our business, our communities, our government and our people. A good leader must be able to communicate effectively, make tough decisions, and have a vision.

Great leaders must be able to create great, they should show the way to a successful future and need to show people how they get there. Leaders can improve the quality of peoples and the adoption of this concept, providing people with a lot of ideas and improvements. The leader must have support and people should be the person that people can follow and watch, too.

I agree completely with this definition, (Deci & Ryan 2005 225) however, I think that there is more to leadership than just that. Ability to guide and direct man is a key element in the process ...
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