Left Brain Vs. Right Brain

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Left Brain vs. Right Brain

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The research report covers the core concepts of neuroscience. It also explains the relationship between different sections of brain. Details about the hemispheric dominance that how the right side of the brain works against the left side is also included. It all illustrates the psychology of learning. The technology has done advancements and, it has its impact on learning. The report in general and all demonstrate the entire mechanism of the brain and its different sections, basically the right side vs. the left side of the brain.



Left Brain vs. Right Brain4




Relationship between different sections of Brain4

Hemispheric Dominance5

Left Bain5

Right Brain6

Technology and the brain6

The Use of Technology and the Impact of Learning.6

Psychology of learning7

In order to learn Sequences7

Learning Styles7

Linear vs. Holistic Processing8

Logical vs. Intuitive Processing8

Sequential vs. Random Processing8

Symbolic vs. Concrete Processing8

Verbal vs. Non-verbal Processing9

Reality-Based vs. Fantasy-Oriented Processing9


Left Brain vs. Right Brain


The scientific study of the nervous system has boosted up rapidly since the second half of the twentieth century. The studies have included the structure of the brain, the mechanism of it to work; its developments and how it fails to function. The studies have shown that there is a hemispheric dominance. The brain is divided in the right half and the left half. The psychology of the learning depends on them. Technology is also playing an important role. It does have its impacts and the learning styles work on these two halves according to their categories. 



Neuroscience is the branch of biology that associates with the scientific study of the nervous system. Nervous system is the process that deals with the workings of the brain. (Harmon, Eddie. et.al. 2008). Brain is the basic organ of the human body that controls the other systems and parts of the human system. (Harmon, Eddie. et.al. 2008) 

Relationship between different sections of Brain

The brain is divided in two sections; the right half and the left half. They work in association with each other. The studies during the last three decades have shown the experiential observations of the relationship between the left vs. right (asymmetrical) frontal cortical activities. It also focuses on the emotional knowledge and the expressions. (Harmon, Eddie. et.al. 2008) In this body of research, positive effect has been found to relate to relatively greater left than right frontal cortical activity, whereas negative effect has been found to relate to relatively greater right than left frontal cortical activity (Harmon, Eddie. et.al. 2008). These are related with the asymmetrical frontal cortical activations. Thus it is important to study the brain mechanism to get familiar with the benefits of it (Harmon, Eddie. et.al. 2008).

Hemispheric Dominance

Experimentations have shown that the brain has two different sides; they are right and the left side. Each hemisphere is responsible for different modes of thinking (www.funderstanding.com). 

Left Bain

The left brain is considered as the analytic in approach. They focus on the logical thinking, analysis and accuracy. A left brain person desires to learn in a step by step sequence. He prefers to acquire the learning from its root. He focuses more on the ...
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