Motivation And Job Enrichment

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Motivation and Job Enrichment

Motivation and Job Enrichment


The quality of life at work is the dynamics of work organization to maintain or improve physical and psychological well-being of man, in order to achieve greater consistency with total living space (Ryan, Deci, 2000, 68-78). The redesign of work is the combination of activities that constitute a complete job. Job enrichment is the constant replacement of the simplest and most elementary tasks of office for more complex tasks, providing conditions of challenge and job satisfaction, that so the employee can continue his personal growth (Ryan, Deci, 2000, 68-78). Thus, the enrichment of tasks depends on the development of each individual and should be in accordance with their personal characteristics (Bloom, 2008, 300-317). The enrichment of tasks can be vertical (elimination of simple and basic tasks, and adding more complex tasks) or horizontally (removal of tasks relating to certain activities and adding different ones, but at the same level of difficulty) (Pink, 2009, 89-101). The latter is also known as horizontal expansion of jobs.

The purpose of this paper is to critically discuss the strategies through which Virgin Airlines motivates their employees. This paper aims to enlighten the organization culture and work environment that Virgin Airline provides to its workforce. In addition, this paper also focuses on the different value added services that Virgin Airline offers its employees in order to justify why one should join Virgin Airline not British Airways.

Main Body

Value of Human Resource at Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic was commenced three years before with less than 300 workers and is actually its workforce in 2800 - and extends to grow. Maintaining a logical heritage through such fast development has offered its share of trials Virgin Atlantic, but manage it with achievement arrives with its share of pays as well. "Culture of Virgin Group is an international phenomenon," said Karen Hood, controller of human assets for Virgin Atlantic. "The emblem has a very high heritage and persons renowned for their value, worth for cash, conceiving a convoluted and joy work natural environment". Virgin Atlantic before the first air journey not ever took off; Hood said that it was 94 per hundred emblem recognition. This was strengthened by the review, which encompassed Virgin Atlantic, as one of the peak 10 emblems in the Asia-Pacific district, and one of the five premier emblems of self-assurance.

Working Conditions at Virgin Airline

Not all businesses are as fortunate as the Virgin high-profile foremost Richard Branson. In producing airline, Virgin has taken some steps to aid in cultivating their exclusive heritage through Virgin Atlantic (Boyd, 2003, 312-359). Many of Virgin's older administration group has worked in the assembly to Virgin and heritage they conveyed here," states Hoods. "We have an older administration group of 12 who have been here since the starting, and when we begun to doze on rubber mattresses in general housing (Boyd, 2003, 312-359). We are a close-knit assembly, and I have large esteem and other talents. Having the best group that actually works competently as ...
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