Nurse Management Research Paper

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Nurse Management Research Paper

Nurse Management Research Paper


Finding the excellence of student learning in unit is a continuing confront to all. Though, for educators and students in the healthcare line of works, assessment of knowledge takes on a dissimilar aspect in terms of making sure that graduates are capable, and consequently secure, practitioners (Alfero-Lefevre, 2000). No doubt nursing is the field that is considered as a respectable one, but still nurses are facing personal as well as professional problems.


It is usually accepted that the reason of early nurse education that gets ready students to put into practice like registered nurses, is to make a skilled practitioner, thus caring the common public from lack of skill and maintaining the standards. While it is comparatively easy to describe the reason for pre-register nurse learning or preparatory, it is a much greater challenge to assess to judge and measure the results of that education, thus making sure that competent nursing practitioners are there (Alfero-Lefevre, 2000).

Nursing is a very good field that earns much respect but still we have to face the challenges that may be personal or professional. Nurses not just have to sustain with the rising demands of excellence patient care, other than they also are requisite to stay present with the always varying standards of policy, procedures, research, practice and ongoing education. Additionally to these responsibilities that are professional, nurses have to manage their responsibilities that are personal for instance; balancing careers with family desires, organization stress, and maintaining own health (Bradshaw, 2002).

In several aspects, the utilization of theory maps in education of nursing shows the move in education of nursing from an information-obsessed move toward in teaching to a progression that endorses advanced level thinking as well as clinical judgment. The shift highlights that the education of nursing is not only a fact-loading procedure. This has enthused research and interest addicted to other pioneering teaching or learning strategies or planning that make easy the improvement of critical "in-depth" philosophy in students of nursing. More than a few studies identified learning or teaching strategies that make easy the growth of critical idea in clinical judgments.

The learning or teaching strategies are self-governing wisdom activities, interactive conversation, issue-based learning, case studies, reflective logs or journaling, role playing, mastery learning, clinical rounds, and reflective groups practice (Chitty, 2005).

Critical thinking within clinical judgments departs beyond what is observed, presently known and heard,; it needs a ...
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