Organizational Behavior & Hr Management

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Organizational Behavior & Hr Management

Organizational Behavior & Hr Management

Part A

1) Positional Rotation

2) Front line production supervisors in the industry.

3) Managerial capabilities

4) Surface-Level

5 negotiations

6) Integrative bargaining

7) Contingent reward

8) High, high

9) Conglomerate

10) Fragmented

Part B

Name the four contingencies of power and explain how they affect a leader's ability to influence others.

There are four contingencies of power:





Under the business discipline, the power of contingencies play crucial role in leader's ability, which influence the employees of the organization. The ability of substitutability helps the leader to have negotiable capability. The leader should know about, where the replacement of efficiency is required. Every organization requires skillful and willing employees, therefore this power of judgment particularly influence others. The leader should position him as the central key, where every element is linked. This tool strengthens the organizational behavior and functions to the success of organization on upper level. The power of discretion affects the leader's ability, in the sense of having equal treatment and autonomous rule with appropriate frequency. In last, the final contingency plays great role in influencing the ability of leader, which maintains his positive value in the organizational culture.

3) Why mergers and acquisitions not considered one of the best methods to change an organization's culture?

It has been greatly observed that when merger and acquisition takes place in some organization, they lose the balance between cultures. In most of the takeovers, employee of the merging company drops their productivity level because of diverting attention to the upcoming place, such as Merger Company. Merger and acquisition is the business strategy, which occurs by acquiring the failing company with big industry, to give a proper backup. After the merger of both companies, employees of the primary industries remain same and their vision of culture usually conflict with each other. For instance, the merger company A does not follow dress code and liberally work and wear on their will. On other hand, the takeover company B strictly adheres to their professionalism and dressing ethics. This conflict between diverse cultures will certainly create confusion and even complexity to adjust with the culture of firm rules and standards. Therefore, the approach of merger and acquisition is not considered as the appropriate method for altering organizational culture.

5) Discuss three specific factors that account for a team's ability to make effective decisions. How can these factors be used for improving team decision making?

The decision making is the stressful and exciting task that aid to deal with the possible feelings. The important thing in decision making is the knowledge which is the basis of the particular incident or thing. The platform of searching alternatives is usually time-consuming in nature. This process occasionally takes ample of time that a decision cannot be made. Therefore, few factors have been introduced in the analysis, for bringing the best decision for the good health of the organization. There are three main factors: Risk, Consequences and Feasibility. It has been observed that most of the decisions involve certain ...
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