Personal Development

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Personal Development

Personal Development

Using a range of literature sources, critically discuss the importance of self analysis and continuous self development in the context of your future as a manager.

Task 1

For my team to adapt my leadership style to effectively manage performance issuesClear about the team's mission and visionContributing to positive emotionsAble to convey the key lessons of organizational effectiveness through stories of my own workplace. The left column of the table above is the four areas that I will focus on to develop my leadership skills. For each area, there are several criteria to assess my current personal skills. The items listed in the “I need to be” column are my goals and criteria for monitoring process of my leadership development.

In the box of “for my clients”, I have put higher scores for my current role because from my previous education consultant experiences, clients are very important for business sustain. Therefore, in order to maintain an on-going maturing relationship with clients, I need to treat them with courtesy, respect and responsive, for difficult clients I need to be tactful.

In the area of “for my team”, I assessed myself at a lower medium level for my current role. I don't have much group work experience from previous job. Therefore, this will be the most important area where I need to develop, because in current business organizations, team works and synergy are vital for completing multiple tasks. It is very important to learn how to convey the key lessons of organizational effectiveness through the stories of my own workplace experiences. And I currently lack of this skill. In a study by (Oldham Cummings 2008 607-634), this is known as the narrative teachable point of view, which is the best communicated through engaging stories about who the company is and about what it can be.

In the area of “for my organization”, I regard “reliable” as the primary element, because to be an effective leader of organization, I need to be reliable to obtain trusts from the company and team members in order to perform tasks effectively and work with others by sharing the same objectives. Also, creative strategies and innovation skills are very important for company growth and expansion.

The area of “for my self” is designed to develop my personal leadership skills. The listed items are essentials to enhance my effectiveness. According to the evaluation, my assertiveness and courage are poor because of the lack of communication skills. I need to enhance my communication competency to be a confident professional leader. Other aspects such as optimism, calmness and buoyancy are the secondary area where I need to improve because those attributes are important to demonstrate a good personal leadership. All the elements listed in the table are essential for developing a transformational leader and keeping the process on the right track. From the table above I will be clear about my weaknesses and resolve them.

Gaps between my worst self and the ideal

I think that lifelong learning is very important and we all ...
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