Personal Ethics

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Personal Ethics

Personal ethics

There are many things that can influence one's ethics. Since ethics is a crucial part of our society today, then it is therefore necessary to evaluate my own ethics and to determine what things have influenced my morals and beliefs. There are four factors that contributed to and continue to shape my personal ethics during my University of Phoenix studies, that include people in my life, the culture in which ? live, philosophical beliefs, and laws that govern me.

People in my life that have had great influence on me such as my friends, the teachers that ? have leaned from, and most importantly my family have all shaped my ethical beliefs. As long as ? can remember, ? can recollect my father, my mother, and my grandparents reminding me of what was right and what was wrong. Whenever ? got into trouble ? would be reminded of what it was that ? did wrong so that ? would know not to ever do it again and what the repercussions would be if ? did. They taught me what was expected of me and other people in order to conform to society's norms of behavior. The expectations that my family put upon me have helped to guide me down the pathway to becoming a better person and to make the best decisions possible. My parents gave me the perfect example of who ? wanted to be. They both have never been afraid of hard work and have instilled upon me the knowledge that even though we must work to live, we cannot let that work or the money produced by it become the sole purpose for our life.

My teachers at University of Phoenix have also had a very strong influence on my ethics. Teachers have reinforced the same idea ...
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