Personal Ethics

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Personal Ethics

“What Do I Bring To The Role Of Leader That Might Influence The Way I Act In The Role?”


I think that society's core principle is an illusion of ethics. However, as characters on the "world stage," it is obvious our decisions in relation to ethical principles are guided somewhat by the norms and values we have gathered and picked up along the way. More specifically, these values are clear derivatives of guidelines parents and peers have forced upon us, though indirect and unconsciously. As a result, we routinely switch between characters - expressing the holistic persona and the "model." The "model" is an exemplification of our character that is fully conforming to the defined and undefined rules that govern our interaction with others in formal and informal settings.I find it funny how, in both settings, we try to accept that there are objective realities for the sake of convenience. Thus, convenience necessary or perhaps functional as social interaction is almost impossible to do without, unless we prefer to share the same space as "Anna" - a girl born out of wedlock, living in the attic of a house for several years before dying due to lack of interaction and communication (Haralambos & Holborn, 2004). I think that it is fair to consider sharing the same space as the children who walked on all fours after being socialized and raised by wolves, research better known as the Feral Studies in India (Haralambos & Holborn, 2004). It is difficult to imagine our decisions totally independent of the many forces in our environment and culture.

Discussion & Analyses

Despite each "stage", requiring different characters to play the parts, there are certain common grounds met almost all the time for us to coexist and function "normally" as collective beings. Once again, Durkheim's chain of collective conscience has succeeded in keeping us "grounded" . Needless to say, our "frame" is embodied with a clear picture of decisions governed by society that we sometimes alter, given the situation. I think that with all the alterations, we still continue to live with rational addiction as we are unable to harmonize both the agent and the structures. Simply put, our decision to consider others' feelings when making a statement is not due to pure concern and compassion but rather to decisions that already have been made unconsciously to conform to society's mainstream culture and accept that everything else is unethical. Society expects our decisions to mirror that of a tailor who takes your measurement once and expects to fit you in a suit bearing the same size every time. It is my observation that for this exact reason, some of us try to divorce ourselves from the principles, but again, we are reminded we are part of something bigger than ourselves: decisions.

The principles that guide our life are a mixture of our own beliefs and those of others. Perhaps the most operative principles are sublets of our experiences. Life is so wonderful that it gives you the opportunity ...
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