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Poverty Profile of Columbia


In this study we try to explore the condition of “poverty” in Columbia. The main focus of the research is on “poverty in Columbia” which is discussed in context of cultural background, historical/ political context, sources and distribution of wealth, and economic and non-economic indicators of well-being. The research also analyzes many aspects that are responsible for the “poverty in Columbia” and tries to gauge its effect on people of the country.

Poverty Profile of Columbia


Overcoming poverty and misery of more than 24,610,844 Columbians lies exclusively in the state, though the face of this situation must be undertaken unilaterally. Over 20 million people live in poverty in Columbia and more than 8 in poverty, which means that about 30 million people lack sufficient resources to enjoy a decent living in the South American country. Since in 2002 the current president of Columbia takes state power, poverty had remained between 53 and 57%, but had never exceeded 60% barrier. In recent months, the poverty in Columbia has increased affecting up to 8 million people, 17.7% of the Columbian population. The progressive reduction of social spending and the ever-increasing military budget which already exceeds 14% of Columbian-tripling the budget for education are some of the reasons for the increase in poverty.

In Columbia five financial groups control 92% of sector assets 36% is in the hands of Business Group and 28% held by two groups each controlled by one person. Four economic groups are owners of 80% of the mass communication, while 50 business groups control more than 60% of the industry, services, trade, transport and agriculture. Another way is misguided solution used to finance social debt and the only thing he has done is pay big interest borrowing pit led to increased poverty and increased the balance debt. Thus, as of December 2001, the balance of external debt amounted to U.S. $ 37,207 million which represents 44.6% of GDP.


Cultural Background

Colombia is a real mosaic of ethnic, culture, folklore, crafts and way of life which affected all the nations that make up its population. Mixing traditional Native American tribes with their rich ancient culture, Spanish and African traditions led to the formation of a unique community of people, which today is known as "Colombians". In Colombians, people of almost all phenotypes, and all the traditions of the world can be found.

Colombians are well known and as big fans of art. In any town in the provincial village itself can be found, or an art exhibition or just a collection of reproductions of the local library. Moreover, the interest of local residents is not limited and not so much in the masterpieces of world-wide, but also on the historical works of ancient Indian works of contemporary artists and writers. Accordingly, the great desire to decorate their own lives, local folk costumes are very colorful, and the houses are decorated with great inventiveness and elegance (Sumner, 2006).

The country has a rather complicated system of hierarchy and social status that are associated with ...
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