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Professional Attributes for Registered Nurse

Professional Attributes for Registered Nurse


Population of Australia is aging, as a result, the responsibilities of healthcare in this are are also growing. The care of older people is often characterized by lack of coordination between social and health services, which is why it requires a professional capacity to respond to this situation. The characteristics of the work done by the nurse in primary care, in addition to their skills, make this professional group as the one that best fits the need.  Thus, the dependence of older people is characterized by the need for help or support important activities of daily living" or, more precisely as "a state in which people find themselves, for reasons related to the lack or loss of physical, mental or intellectual, need assistance and / or significant help to perform the ordinary acts of daily life and, in particular, those relating to personal care. Using either definition, the agency must be seen as a universal phenomenon that produces a social and health impact. Thus, the dependence affects all people at some point in life, and can generate demands at different levels such as personal, familial, social, health, economic or welfare. In this paper, I outline the three attributes important for delivery best healthcare to older people. These attributes consist of communication, empathy and critical thinking.


There are certain factors that influence healthcare for older people. Though, the factors are classified into three different types (i.e. social, physical and psychological), each factor deal with a different aspect of influence thus would be discussed in brief as to obtain the degree to which every factor influence the health and well being of older adults. Thus, this study will individually review each factor and their aspects that influence the health and well-being of the people.

Social Factors


Among the social factor, culture is first influencing factor in the health and well being of older people. Researches in the past shows, that older people from Scandinavian countries are healthier as compared to residents of other countries. However, it has been found that, among the societal influencing factors, culture is the most influential for health and well being of older people (Chogahara, Cousins & Wankel 2008, pp. 1-7). A society were older people are more dependent were less happy and healthy (for instance, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc). However, in Europe and other western nations where older people are relatively more independent spend relatively healthier life.

Socioeconomic Condition

The second fundamental societal factor that influences the health and well being of older people are the socioeconomic status. Many researches had documented that people who have greater socioeconomic status are more well and healthy as compare to those having poor social / economic or both status.

Marital Status / Life

The marital status and marital life of older people is also crucial as well as an influencing factor in their health and well being. The death of spouse at the mentioned age group, regular conflicts with spouse are the two factors that have been identified ...
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