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Homeless and migrant family

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Homeless and migrant family2

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Homeless and migrant family


Homelessness of migrant families is now highly visible across the developed countries of the world (Fitzpatrick and Stephens 2007). There have been longstanding concerns for homelessness about homelessness and poverty among refugees' seekers and migrants who are undocumented in Western Countries (Edgar et al. 2004). Recently, it has been seen that migrants are not able to access the welfare support which lead them towards the homelessness if they fail to find job. The situation even gets worst if the migrants also lack in social support networks, language and administrative system of the host country (Spencer et al. 2007). The increase in number of migrants makes it difficult for the host countries and the arrangements become critical.

This paper focuses on the migrants and their homelessness in Luton Bedfordshire. It will also focus on the multiple causes for the homelessness and in Luton Bedfordshire. Net migration into Luton Bedfordshire has become much more important. The reason behind its importance is that it is one of the main sources of increase in population and increase in demand for houses since 2001 (Pawson and Wilcox 2011). Other main factors that are affecting the migration rates in Luton Bedfordshire were the arrival of nationals from eastern and central European countries who have got the permission to work and live in Luton Bedfordshire. This migration was allowed to these countries after they joined European countries in 2004 (Stephens et al. 2010).

United Kingdom is one of those countries who allowed the migration of A8 nationals to their labor market just after the enlargement of European Countries. The nationals of A8 got the immediate rights to work in live in United Kingdom but it is for only those employees who registered with Worker Registration Scheme and have completed one year period of continuous register employment (Homeless Link 2010). These labors are only eligible for the welfare benefits and social housing of Luton Bedfordshire. These transitional arrangements ended in year 2011 but the existence of the habitual residents which means that entitlement to the welfare benefits of Luton Bedfordshire are still not automatic for the nationals of A8 and for other immigrants (Coote 2006).

There are also many transitional restrictions on nationals of CEE A2 countries who admitted to European Union in 2007. For those who generally required the authorization for commerce employment in Luton Bedfordshire (Broadway 2011). The overpowering majority of central and Eastern Europe migrants successfully receives the employment and accommodation in Luton Bedfordshire. On the other hand, restriction on welfare means that there are many few options for the minority in who find themselves without paid work. Since few years the influence of central and Eastern Europe migrants on homelessness in Luton Bedfordshire has been very prominent (Netto 2011).

There are 9 percent of the CEE migrants who have been found rough sleeping in London in 2006 and ...
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