The 911 Attacks On American Soil

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The 911 attacks on American soil

9/11 attacks and change in America

The attacks did change Americans: they became nearer, more religious, less materialistic, but only for a while. However, lasting alterations did happen in the nation's finances and security system. (Friedman 2004 P.10) In spite of terror and sorrow, Americans with utmost wish and compassion assisted the individuals in need. The attacks of September 11th have made some persons seem insecure, especially the ones who lost their loved ones. People nurtured for their loved ones.

First, there is today less tolerance among Americans for dissenting views concerning our foreign policy. We hear some Americans calling others "anti-American" or "unpatriotic," because they have expressed critical remarks about the Administration's actions-especially the threats to attack Iraq. (Clarke 2004 P.15) After the attack on Iraq began intolerance increased. (David 2004) To take an example close to home, Yale University student Katherine Lo hung an American flag upside-down as an antiwar symbol of America in distress. Several young men broke into her suite and wrote messages on her bulletin board saying Iraqis and Muslims should be killed.

Even well known conservatives, such as William Safire and Dick Armey, have spoken out against these abuses to the American system of justice', After going to press, the Total Information Awareness Program was withdrawn and the Domestic Security Enhancement Act did not pass, both proposals having met considerable resistance. (Friedman 2004 P.10) Provisions from each, however, remain on the agenda of some members of the Bush administration. The American justice system is under attack, with people being held without access to lawyers, sometimes in secret detention with their hearings closed to the public, and sometimes without being formally charged with a crime.

Suspects have been prosecuted for providing material support for potential future acts of terrorism, rather than for having taken part in an actual attack. And "members of Congress who try to question Attorney General John Ashcroft about such policies are either ignored or accused of aiding the enemy. Secret warrants to search people's homes can today be obtained with minimal judicial oversight. (David 2004 P.12) Let us remember that Benjamin Franklin said that those who would trade liberty for security will find neither.

Third, the terrorist alerts and the preparation for an attack on Iraq [and then the war itself] have distracted us from many other problems. These neglected problems include the continuing battles for clean air to breathe and water to drink, safe food to eat, unpolluted land, preventing global warming and other threats to the life sustaining capacities of the Earth. (Clarke 2004 P.15) They include long-term funding for social security and Medicare, ensuring a thriving economy, making educational reforms, continuing support for basic research, and protecting us from corporate crime and executive theft.

Government job

I think that government has done a good job they have taken extra security majors in order to protect their citizens. In investigating the attenuating components of the September 11 terrorist hits, an exceptional charge ...
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