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Position Paper in Education


In this study we try to explore the concept of UAE Education System in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on changing the traditional style of learning and teaching and ways to improve it. The research also analyzes many aspects of Canadian style of learning and tries to gauge its effect on UAE Education System.

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The Challenge5

What is my goal?5

Why is this goal?6

How to achieve this goal?6






Position Paper in Education


Interaction in education has been a central concern from the time of Plato and Socrates. Educators have updated and adapted the methods used by these philosophers and teachers. Although the need for interaction has not changed, the methods certainly have. In the past 20 years, the world has seen a technological revolution unlike any that came before. This technological revolution has influenced most every aspect of modern life, including education. Technology has always been a part of the educational process, but with the introduction of laptops, and laptop technology, educational interaction is now changing. The prevalence of interactive communication tools is becoming more commonplace in the ordinary classroom. In the UAE, a lot of work has been undertaken to try to exploit the new technologies; however, there is an absence of research in the UAE that examines the effect that laptops in schools have on educational interaction.

The education system of the UAE, in comparison to other countries, is relatively new. The education system is divided into two groups: public and private sector. The government funds the public sector schools. All UAE nationals have access to mainstream public education, which is of a strong Islamic and Arabic influence. All mainstream public education is conducted in single gender classes, and no expatriates are admitted. Many expatriates, therefore, opened private schools to meet their religious, cultural and education needs and today both public and private sector schools operate in almost equal numbers, in the UAE. In fact, the private sector is growing faster than the public sector as many new schools are opening. This study focuses on the public sector, and specifically schools in Dubai.

However, this new system in UAE schools engages some flaws as well, since there is not a high level of interaction in class sessions. They are just following the traditional British teaching model of transmission which is outdated now in terms of interaction. Therefore, I want to build a school in UAE in order to create a modern education system. This would be a more technology oriented learning system.

The Challenge

Being a student of the leadership class, I have to demonstrate a paper which addresses a vision, which I have to turn in reality by adopting strategic decision making. I have a goal which I want to achieve strategically and for that reason I will have to identify main things required for that goal to be achieved. Following are mentioned the goal, reason for that goal, and the way through which I will achieve that goal ...
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