A Paper On Personal Values And Beliefs

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A Paper on Personal Values and Beliefs

A Paper on Personal Values and Beliefs

This paper presents an application easy on my personal values and beliefs. It further describes the elements of cost, qualities, and social issues to frame a description, differences between my beliefs and opinions about health care policy. It also provides examples of relevant ethical principles, supported through my personal values.

Nursing is the profession that provides profusion of capacity to work in an environment that is challenging, rewarding, and interesting. “National Health Services (NHS)” in the UK offers a large of group of nurses, which is critical component of the healthcare team. I am one of the important parts of this team through rendering service as a nurse and working in all sorts of health care environment from emergency and accident in homes of patients and with individuals of all backgrounds and ages.

I signify myself as a person of clear visions of his / her aims. Some of my personal values include honesty, credibility, flexibility, teamwork, competency, responsibility, diversity, loyalty, and persistency. In my opinion, values make up of every aspect, which has occurred in my life and entail affects from religious affiliation, family and parents, education, associates, and friends. I have recognized these environmental affects and classify and devise an evident, meaningful, and concise cluster of my personal values. These values have influenced all aspects of my life. A few aspects include imperative actions in my work and personal behaviors, interpersonal interaction, contribution, and decision making.

I am originally from Africa and a Christian and believe in Judaism. My religion is founded on believes of death, life, resurrection and teachings of Jesus Christ. The religion of Christianity is divided into Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Catholicism. I believe in the one and merely true God, who is only one and subsist ...
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