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Research Papers on Healthcare

Healthcare relates to the efficient and timely provision of medical services in order to improve the physical and mental health of an individual. Researchomatic provides to its users a collection of healthcare research papers which can aid students in getting research ideas. These healthcare research papers can also help healthcare workers to stay up-to-date with the latest literature and researches in the field.

Public Health Care
PUBLIC HEALTH CARE Public Health Care Public Health Care Agency Human and Health Service Agency The ultimate mission of the Human and Health Service Agency is to ensure the maintenance and improvement of health and well-being of the and ensure access to health services and social services adapted to their needs, and, in ...
Gallstones What are gallstones? The gallbladder is an organ located just below the liver. It stores digestive fluids produced by the liver. Sometimes these juices become solid and form "stones" called gallstones. According to statistics, gallstones formed in every fifth person on the planet. Women gallstone disease occurs almost twice as often ...
Health Campaign
HEALTH CAMPAIGN Health Campaign for Smoking Cessation Abstract In this study we try to design “health campaign” in order to resolve the healthcare issues. The healthcare issue selected while designing this campaign is “smoking cessation”. This research explores different dimensions in order to formulate an effective “health campaign” in order to minimize the ...
Analysis Of A Stake Holder
ANALYSIS OF A STAKE HOLDER Analysis of a Health Care Stake Holder Analysis of a Health Care Stake Holder Introduction The course of the study will focus on the position of the stakeholder on health care reform and the rationale behind the position of the stake holder over the health care reform. ...
Influence Of Exercise On Hiv Patients
INFLUENCE OF EXERCISE ON HIV PATIENTS Influence of Exercise on HIV Patients Influence of Exercise on HIV Patients a. Statistics and this special population group; provide general statistics regarding these clients/patients The profile of HIV infection is constantly changing. Although some time was considered a disease progression of death among people with access ...
Nursing And Leadership
NURSING AND LEADERSHIP Nursing and Leadership Nursing and Leadership Introduction Nursing is the ultimate academic discipline and practice profession to have been shaped by women's leadership. Nurses have joined professional nursing associations having gained greater control of their professional future and to have developed a greater awareness of nursing issues. Professional nursing associations also ...
Health Care
HEALTH CARE Mental Health Illness and Homelessness Mental Health Illness and Homelessness Introduction Research in the field of homelessness, mental illness presents data inconclusive when it comes to whether mental illness and addiction lead to homelessness or whether the opposite that leads to homelessness and mental illness. One thing is clear from history, that ...
Healthcare Industry
HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY The Future of Healthcare Industry Abstract In this study we try to explore different dimensions of “healthcare industry” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “the healthcare industry” and its relation with “health insurance”. The research analyzes different aspects through which “the healthcare insurance” can ...
U.S. Health Care System
U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEM U.S. Health Care System Abstract Historically, the U.S. health care system has been characterized by limited government intervention and the application of the laws of a market-based system, resulting in health care as a commodity rather than a basic human right as is typical in many other countries. U.S. ...
Assessment And Planning
ASSESSMENT AND PLANNING Assessment and Planning for Population Health Assessment and Planning for Population Health Introduction The phenomenon of homelessness is not new and there were already among the homeless, before the era of deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill or people with disorders caused by alcohol and drugs. Thus, in 1963 in ...
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