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Research Papers on Healthcare

Healthcare relates to the efficient and timely provision of medical services in order to improve the physical and mental health of an individual. Researchomatic provides to its users a collection of healthcare research papers which can aid students in getting research ideas. These healthcare research papers can also help healthcare workers to stay up-to-date with the latest literature and researches in the field.

Research Design
RESEARCH DESIGN Research Design Research Design Introduction Purpose statement The purpose of the paper is to discuss that most research, but particularly in social sciences, is categorized as qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research collects detailed descriptions and narratives in order to understand in-context and in-depth. Quantitative research collects data coded in numeric formats in ...
Health Information Compliance Officer
HEALTH INFORMATION COMPLIANCE OFFICER Health Information Compliance Officer Health Information Compliance Officer Job description The health information compliance officer will apply the written rules and regulations. The health information compliance officer ensures compliance committee to develop a useful communication strategy through the execution of advertising rules and disciplinary guiding principle and ...
Factors Contributing To Hospital Readmission For A Copd Exacerbation
Factors contributing to hospital readmission for a COPD exacerbation [Name of the Author] [Academic Degree] [Author's Affiliation] [Author's Address] [Author's Telephone Number] Abstract Purpose of Paper: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) exacerbations are creating challenges in the life of number of patients in the form of their readmission to the hospitals. Studies that show the factors contributing ...
U.S Vs. China Healthcare
U.S VS. CHINA HEALTHCARE U.S vs. China healthcare U.S vs. China healthcare Introduction Since healthcare has been a top priority for all individuals residing and living in a particular economy, healthcare undoubtedly comes with a high price. The United States has many advantages to offer the new, but a stable system of affordable ...
Endocrinologist Medical Specialty
Endocrinologist Medical Specialty Introduction Endocrinology is a medical field and the specialist of this field is called Endocrinologist. Endocrinologists are the special trained doctors. Hormones and Glands are vital chemicals of the human body as they control the overall system of the body. Endocrinology is complicated like a human body. There is ...
Healthcare System
HEALTHCARE SYSTEM UK AND US HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Comparison of the U.S. Health Care System with UK Health Care System Introduction A proper system for health care is very important for any community, and the status of health in a society is unswervingly correlated to the standard of life in a society. This ...
Nursing Shortages
NURSING SHORTAGES Issues of Nursing Shortages Examine the Macroeconomic relationship to health care resources in nursing shortages and outsource of utilizing staffing needs. WHO estimates is a 592000000 total full-time paid health workers worldwide in 2006, of which about two thirds of health service providers, and the remaining one-third of health management and ...
Cancer-Treatment And Precautions
CANCER-TREATMENT AND PRECAUTIONS Cancer-Treatment and Precautions Table of Contents APA Research Paper Introduction The diagnosis of cancer is now no longer a death sentence. If the disease is discovered in time, it is curable in many cases. The earlier cancer is treated, the greater are the chances to be completely healthy again. It is therefore ...
Special Populations
SPECIAL POPULATIONS Special Populations Hispanic Americans Introduction In the scientific sense means the only Latino Hispanics who have immigrated from Central and South America, but non-Spanish European immigrants and their descendants. These are therefore, Hispanics but no Latinos. Conversely, in the U.S. are immigrant Brazilians Although Latinos but not Hispanics. Hispanics now live in ...
Alzheimer Disease
ALZHEIMER DISEASE Alzheimer's Abstract In this study we try to explore the concept of “Alzheimer Disease” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Alzheimer Disease”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “Alzheimer Disease” and tries to gauge its effect on “A Person's Health”. Finally the research ...
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