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Assignment on Nursing

The field of nursing not only encompasses the practices involved in medicine but also includes the art of care taking. A nursing assignment therefore needs critical analysis of a host of topics and sub specialties. Researchomatic provides an authentic collection of nursing assignments for its users to assist them in understanding the practices involved in nursing. The assignments focus on the philosophy of nursing and on other theories surrounding this domain.

Management And Change
MANAGEMENT AND CHANGE Management and Change Table of Content Introduction3 Present Situation3 Proposed Change and Rationale3 Organizational Theories4 Application in Prison Context5 McKinsey 7-S Assessment Model7 Change Management8 Change Theories8 Application in Prison Context9 The Effective Management of Corporate Change10 Change Resistance Challenges and Effects11 Application in Prison Context12 Change Process in Different Organizations13 Tools for Organisational Diagnosis15 Application in Prison Context17 Motivation Theories18 Recommendation in Prison Context20 Conclusion20 References22 Management ...
Disease Management
DISEASE MANAGEMENT Disease Management Disease Management Introduction This article Develops a theory about the nursing care models it Also Offers Meaning and subsidies for STI Elaboration. There is a diversity of terminologies on what care model and their components are, like the following ones: care model, mark, system, conceptual model, referential mark, theoretical ...
Case Study-Nursing
CASE STUDY-NURSING Case Study-Nursing Case Study-Nursing Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to make a case analysis which is about Apple Valley and the people of the valley were suffering from health problems. Specially, women were facing the maternity problems and the maternal mortality rate was very high. This paper ...
Patient Scenario
PATIENT SCENARIO Patient Scenario Patient Scenario The difficult changes that you may face as you grow older—such as the death of a spouse or medical problems—can lead to depression, especially if you don't have a strong support system. Left untreated, depression prevents you from enjoying life like you used to. And ...
SPOON-FEEDING Response Paper Two: Nurse Educator and “Spoon-feeding” learners Response Paper Two: Nurse Educator and “Spoon-feeding” learners Introduction We can define a number of educational scenarios as spoon-feeding, and this thing is said to occur commonly in conventional lectures, small-group sessions of teaching and seminars, when a teacher intentionally renders answers ...
Critical Thinking & Nclex-Rn Performance
CRITICAL THINKING & NCLEX-RN PERFORMANCE Critical Thinking & NCLEX-RN Performance Critical Thinking & NCLEX-RN Performance Introduction Critical thinking is very important for nursing students. This article reviews the critical thinking in the nursing field related to National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse performance. Quantitative research is used to measure the abilities and ...
Negotiated Learning Outcomes
NEGOTIATED LEARNING OUTCOMES Negotiated Learning Outcomes Negotiated Learning Outcomes Introduction This assignment will look at the meaning of “outcomes", and how they evaluated, the difference between targets, outputs and outcomes, what they used or can be used for from a range of perspectives linking in with national drivers and policies; and ...
Business Planning
BUSINESS PLANNING Principles of Business Planning and Service Improvement Table of Contents Introduction2 Performance of the Department3 The Issues3 Analysis of Issues4 Porter's Five Forces Model4 SWOT6 Gap Analysis8 The Current Situation Based on Existing Usage8 Quality Outcome Framework9 PEST Analysis9 Recommendation for improving service quality and cost effectiveness11 Evaluation of the change12 Outcome-Based Evaluation13 Audit13 Balanced scorecard-14 Benchmarking14 Operative evaluation15 Action plan15 Measurement of the success17 Conclusion18 References19 Principles of Business Planning ...
Roles Of Nurses
ROLES OF NURSES Understanding the Roles of Registered General Nurses and Health Care Assistants in UK Nursing Homes Understanding the Roles of Registered General Nurses and Health Care Assistants in UK Nursing Homes Introduction Registered nurses (RNs) make up the largest health care occupation. There are about 2.6 million nursing jobs in the UK and ...
Discussion Board Paper
DISCUSSION BOARD PAPER Sickle Cell Anemia- Health Promotion Plan Sickle Cell Anemia- Health Promotion Plan 1. Goals and Objectives/Behavioral Outcomes expected Sickle cell disease: health promotion and maintenance and the role of primary care nurse practitioners. The programs have established coordinated, comprehensive and family-centered networks to promote the integration of primary and subspecialty ...
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