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Assignment on Nursing

The field of nursing not only encompasses the practices involved in medicine but also includes the art of care taking. A nursing assignment therefore needs critical analysis of a host of topics and sub specialties. Researchomatic provides an authentic collection of nursing assignments for its users to assist them in understanding the practices involved in nursing. The assignments focus on the philosophy of nursing and on other theories surrounding this domain.

Blood Pressure
BLOOD PRESSURE Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Introduction The measurement of pressure exerted on the wall of the wall of arteries is known as the Blood Pressure. The hearth pumps the blood through the body. The Blood Pressure determined by the amount of the blood pumped and the force exerted by the wall ...
Vaso-Occlusive Crisis
VASO-OCCLUSIVE CRISIS Vaso-occlusive Crisis Vaso-occlusive Crisis The main purpose of this paper is to discuss a case study of a patient suffering from the vaso-occlusive crisis. The case presented here is of a patient named Derrick, who has been suffering from this disease and got hospitalized 3 times in 6 months. ...
Conceptual -Theoretical Paper
Conceptual -Theoretical paper Conceptual -Theoretical paper Conceptual -Theoretical paper Nurses play a significant function in the development of the wellbeing care department as they glimpse the desires, the breaches, and the shortcomings as well as the achievements of the wellbeing care system. Nurses help people to maintain their best possible health, given ...
Chronic Heart Failure
CHRONIC HEART FAILURE Chronic Heart Failure Chronic heart failure Introduction This paper focuses on the chronic heart failure using a recognised reflective method of Gibbs. (Gibbs, 2002, page 13-23). Gibbs reflective model is a six- step model that includes stages of Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Action plan. Gibbs makes the readers realise about the importance of ...
Pathophysiology-Homeostasis Pathophysiology-Homeostasis The Concept Of Homeostasis Homeostasis is one of the fundamental principles of physiology as a bug in this feature may cause a malfunction of different organs. Biological homeostasis, therefore, consists in a dynamic equilibrium is reached thanks to constant changes to maintain the result of the assembly. This process involves ...
Reflecting On A Care Episode In Practice
REFLECTING ON A CARE EPISODE IN PRACTICE Reflecting on a care episode in practice Reflecting on a care episode in practice 1- The essay is based on the topic “Reflection on a Care Episode in Practice”. The essay tells about the system of care that is provided to the patients at ...
Pain Management In Breast Cancer
PAIN MANAGEMENT IN BREAST CANCER Pain Management in Breast Cancer Pain Management in Breast Cancer Introduction Although breast cancer is recognized as encompassing multiple physical symptoms, as well as psychological and existential concerns, the symptom of pain is often cited as most critical. Unrelieved pain impacts all dimensions of quality of life ...
Health Care Psychology
HEALTH CARE PSYCHOLOGY Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a devastating mental illness, and one of a larger class of psychotic disorders defined by the presence of delusions (false beliefs) and/or hallucinations (sensory perceptions without external sensory input). Schizophrenia may also be characterized by disorganized speech and behavior and by negative symptoms such as ...
Nursing Diploma
NURSING DIPLOMA Nursing Diploma Nursing diploma Brief discussion about the effect of the chosen health issue Obesity has serious health consequences of an individual, and the more obese, the greater the problems will be serious (Kelly, 2010, 1). Hypertension An obese between 25 to 35 years is 6 times more likely ...
Type II Diabetic Patients
TYPE II DIABETIC PATIENTS Type II Diabetic Patients Type II Diabetic Patients Introduction The purpose of this research proposal is to enlighten and explore the concept of type II diabetes in adult population. This study paves the way for the future studies that would be formulated to address the issue ...
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