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Assignment on Nursing

The field of nursing not only encompasses the practices involved in medicine but also includes the art of care taking. A nursing assignment therefore needs critical analysis of a host of topics and sub specialties. Researchomatic provides an authentic collection of nursing assignments for its users to assist them in understanding the practices involved in nursing. The assignments focus on the philosophy of nursing and on other theories surrounding this domain.

Compassion Fatigue
Compassion Fatigue Compassion Fatigue Introduction Anxiety and depression are very common problem for the people in the modern world. These are the temporary problems and not very serious that generally results due to the stress and work load, but these can prove to be the symptoms of various other psychological and mental ...
Interview Doctoral Researctheirs
Interview Doctoral Researctheirs Interview Doctoral Researchers Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to carry out an interview analysis of the Respondents who have successfully completed their doctoral programs. The central idea of this paper is to present a profound and thorough analysis of interview questions and offer a comparison of ...
Impact Of Media In Portrayal Of Nurses
Impact of media in portrayal of Nurses The Impact of Media portrayals of Nursing Introduction Nurses are educated and highly skilled professionals who dedicate their lives in taking care of their patient, clients, and residents. They are the front line caregivers and educators; they are influential in improving patient/ resident/client outcomes using their ...
Nurse As A Profession
NURSE AS A PROFESSION Nurse as a Profession Nurse as a Profession Introduction The purpose of this report is to critically analyze an area of concern where nurses can create a change to improve patient care. The aim of this report is to recommend changes that need to be implemented in order to ensure ...
De-Escalation The Patient's Aggression
De-Escalation the Patient's Aggression De-Escalation the Patient's Aggression Cojoc, M. Ngui, J. (2011). Meeting an Aggressive Patient. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 44 (6), 63-82 In this article the authors have stated that as compared to other occupational groups nursing is the most common occupation facing violence and aggression at workplace. Various ...
Nursing Replies
Nursing Replies Nursing Replies Reply to Malia Albin Dear Malia Albin, First of all I would like to appreciate your insight to the field of nursing and understanding of the roles and services of nurses. In your post “The Elite of Nursing” you have cited two possible ways two become the elite ...
Issues In The Workplace
Issues In the Workplace Issues in the Workplace The key issues that the nurses' face in the modern world is the risk associated with the workplace environment. The profession of nursing is one of the most respected professions there are. In addition to that, the profession has substantial benefits associated to it ...
Analysis Of Quantitative Study
Analysis of Quantitative Study Table of Contents Problem3 Study Purpose3 Research Question4 Study Variables4 Conceptual Model/Theoretical Framework6 Review of the Related Literature7 •Strengths/Limitations8 Implications/Recommendations8 Analysis of Quantitative Study Problem •What is the problem the study was conducted to research? According to Burns & Grove (2008), a research problem is considered to be an area of interest where there is ...
PHARMACOLOGY Pharmacology Pharmacology Question 1 Mr. Picone went to the overseas tour to Bali and there he underwent for a treatment of chest infection with oral erythromycin. However, he is allergic to cephalosporins (severe rash and fever). His chest infection did not respond as expected and it was suggested that he ...
Assignment 2
Assignment 2 Assignment 2 Introduction Interview can be defined as a conversation between two or more people. In the conversation, the interviewer asks questions from the interviewee. This tells the interviewer whether the person being interviewed is fit for the position. Every profession in this world includes interviews. The nursing profession is ...
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