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Assignment on Nursing

The field of nursing not only encompasses the practices involved in medicine but also includes the art of care taking. A nursing assignment therefore needs critical analysis of a host of topics and sub specialties. Researchomatic provides an authentic collection of nursing assignments for its users to assist them in understanding the practices involved in nursing. The assignments focus on the philosophy of nursing and on other theories surrounding this domain.

Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Introduction The chosen research article for identifying and analyzing the qualitative research methodology is “Understanding nursing scope of practice”. The authors of this research article were Schluter, Seaton, and Chaboyer who published the research in the year 2011 in the International journal of nursing studies. The reason behind choosing ...
Nursing Evidence Based Practice In Obesity
NURSING EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE IN OBESITY Nursing Evidence Based Practice in Obesity NURSING EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE IN OBESITY Introduction Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) has its origins in medicine, beginning its development in Canada from the discipline of clinical epidemiology, where the group Sackett, in the late 70's, trying to incorporate research ...
Summary Of Research And Partial Correlation
Summary of research and partial correlation Ref: Kautz T. Bendavid E. Bhattacharya J. Miller G.(2010) AIDS and declining support for dependent elderly people in Africa: retrospective analysis using demographic and health surveys. BMJ. Retrieved from on Oct. 2012 Hyothesis H0: There is a relation between the HIV/AIDS epidemic and support for ...
Changes In The U.S. Health Care System And Their Impact On Nursing Profession
Changes in the U.S. Health Care System and Their Impact on Nursing Profession Changes in the U.S. Health Care System and Their Impact on Nursing Profession Introduction The U.S. health system is a monster. This is by far the most expensive in the world. Currently, various changes are experienced by healthcare system ...
Nurse As A Professional
Nurse as a professional Nurse as a professional Introduction History of Psychiatric Nursing as a field of skill covers a century. This area of expertise has ancestry to the Reform Movement of the psychological health in nineteenth century, which modernized and converted all mental asylums into hospital settings. Right through the development ...
Justification & Rationale
JUSTIFICATION & RATIONALE Justification and Rationale Contents Introduction3 The Context of Care3 The Clinical Project4 Principles of Care7 Person-Centered Care7 Effective communication8 Evaluation9 Pressure Ulcer due to Long Periods of Bed Rest9 References11 Justification and Rationale of the Clinical Project Introduction Our clinical project is based on the adequate treatment, care and prevention of Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis also referred to as 'degenerative arthritis' is a ...
Evolving Practice Of Nursing
Evolving Practice of Nursing Evolving Practice of Nursing Introduction Nursing is the protection, optimization and promotion of health and abilities, alleviation of suffering through treatment and diagnosis, prevention of injury and illness, and advocacy in the care of individuals, populations, communities and families ( Nursing is one of the most honored ...
Practice Nurse
PRACTICE NURSE Practice Nurse Practice Nurse From age 17 to 28 I worked at the hospital as a pharmacy buyer, while in that job you've always admired nurses. Since I had to work and support my family and the school was never an option for me. Then I got married, I had ...
Critique Of A Study: "the Influence Of Sex Education On Adolescent Health: abstinence-Only Vs. Comprehensive Programs"
Critique of a Study: "The Influence of Sex Education on Adolescent Health: Abstinence-Only vs. Comprehensive Programs" Critique of a Study: "The Influence of Sex Education on Adolescent Health: Abstinence-Only vs. Comprehensive Programs" Introduction As pointed out in the article by Tara Blackburn, abstinence only programs offer a foundation for personal responsibility and social ...
Grounded Theory Methodology
GROUNDED THEORY METHODOLOGY Grounded theory methodology research proposal on nature of mental health nurses' therapeutic relationships with adolescents with eating disorders Research Proposal Grounded Theory Methodology Nursing literature is rich in articles that explore the theme of the therapeutic relationship. The importance of this relationship in older adolescents diagnosed with anorexia ...
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