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Assignment on Nursing

The field of nursing not only encompasses the practices involved in medicine but also includes the art of care taking. A nursing assignment therefore needs critical analysis of a host of topics and sub specialties. Researchomatic provides an authentic collection of nursing assignments for its users to assist them in understanding the practices involved in nursing. The assignments focus on the philosophy of nursing and on other theories surrounding this domain.

Episodic Case Management
EPISODIC CASE MANAGEMENT Episodic Case Management Episodic Case Management The article states that providers and payers in an integrated delivery system can increase the coordination and cost-effectiveness of the services they provide by developing a strong case management program. Integrated case management can provide the common thread for developing and meeting joint ...
Conflict Scripts And Styles
CONFLICT SCRIPTS AND STYLES Conflict scripts and styles Conflict scripts and styles 1. Define conflict script Conflict script is a script defining the conflicts and elaborating different means of conflicts. It is considered as the dispute or misunderstanding between two or more persons. These conflicts can be either in families, organizations, or ...
Delirium After Cardiac Surgery
DELIRIUM AFTER CARDIAC SURGERY DELIRIUM AFTER CARDIAC SURGERY DELIRIUM AFTER CARDIAC SURGERY Introduction What one is looking at? This report is looking or focused on the topic “delirium after cardiac surgery”, explaining what this term is and how it is linked with after effects of cardiac surgery. Delirium is defined as a severe neuropsychiatric disorder of acute nature, organic origin and fluctuations ...
Becoming A Healthcare Professional
BECOMING A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL Becoming a Healthcare Professional Table of contents Introduction2 Professional Behaviour in Nursing2 Qualities And Its Application To Nursing Patients Or Clients Across The Lifespan3 Qualities Of Compassion, Commitment, And Conscience3 Conscience4 Conscience as a driving force4 Conscience as a restricting factor5 Conscience as a source of sensitivity6 Four ethical principles7 Non-malfeasance7 Justice8 Respect for autonomy8 Beneficence8 Ethical principles and “The ...
EXERCISE Exercise Exercise Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to analyze a picture and then ask a friend who have never seen that picture to draw this picture. Friend is not allowed to ask a question, he only has to draw the picture based on the instructions provided. After the ...
Nursing Program Faculty
NURSING PROGRAM FACULTY Nursing Program Faculty Nursing Program Faculty Job Description of Psychiatric nurses Psychiatric nurses are responsible for taking care of patients' mentality, treatment; safety and recovery of illness, mental and physical maintenance of threatening life of violent patients in various conditions. Psychiatric nurses lend a hand in mental health treatment ...
Competency-Based Education Models
COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION MODELS Competency-Based Education Models Competency-Based Education Models Select activities that support competency-based education in a given nursing situation The objectives for a competency-based orientation are to provide a comprehensive orientation plan for a particular specialty, and to offer a program that optimizes, yet streamlines, documentation of the orienteer's ...
Clinical Handover
CLINICAL HANDOVER Standardization of clinical handover Standardization of clinical handover Introduction The field of nursing has been surrounded by many issues. One of the core issues that this field faces is the lack of staff or human resources. To combat this issue healthcare settings prefer to distribute the duties of the staff ...
Midwives And Dental Hygienist Code Of Ethics
MIDWIVES AND DENTAL HYGIENIST CODE OF ETHICS Midwives and dental hygienist code of ethics Midwives and dental hygienist code of ethics Introduction This first code of ethics of dental hygienists was established by Ministerial Decree amending n.137/99. Born after twenty years of presence of the profession of the dental hygienist in Italy and ...
Community Health Nursing
COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING Community Health Nursing Community Health Nursing Introduction The case study has discussed in this paper is related with “Community Health Nursing.” In order to determine the local health needs, diverse cultures and low income residence, a group is conducted. The situation is discussing from four different perspectives. Citizen Perspective, 2.Activist Perspective, 3.Political ...
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