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Research Papers on Music

Students in the field of arts and music are required to make arts music research papers. This calls for excessive research which consumes a lot of time of the students. This section of Researchomatic incorporates great research material that helps the users to make arts music research papers on even the most difficult topics and score good grades.

Rap Vs. Blues: A Comparative Analysis
Rap vs. Blues: A Comparative Analysis Introduction The term Afro-American music can be both misleading and inadequate. Yet there remains the necessity of having an expression by which to refer to the musical traditions of the 'Negro' community in the United States of America. During the colonial period, between 1619 and 1776, ...
James Brown
James Brown About James Brown He was born on May 3 of 1933 on a farm in Barnwell, South Carolina, within a poor family in a slum. This forced Brown to play from adolescence all different types of jobs. Since Brown was abandoned by his mother, he grew up with his father, ...
Audio Engineering
Audio Engineering The Effect of Modern Technology in Audio Engineering Introduction Audio engineering provides a critical, mediating link between the performance of sound and its reception by audiences. Audio engineers serve in several capacities, and they are typically responsible for evaluating the conditions under which music is to be performed and/or ...
Changing Role Of Women In Musi During The Romantic Period
Changing Role of Women in Musi during the Romantic Period Women increased recognition during the romantic era. They became music teachers, composers, conductors, singers and performers. Although they were still in the minority of music professions, the women in this era opened the doors for opportunities in the future. Some major ...
Abstract Stephen Sondheim is one of the most important composer-lyricists in the world, and certainly one of the greatest artists to work in American musical theater over the past half-century. He has not only collaborated on more than a dozen landmark shows and written countless standard songs, but has also been ...
Antonin Dvorak
ANTONIN DVORAK Antonin Dvorak Antonin Dvorak Introduction His art is very distinctive Neo-Classical - Romantic synthesis. Power and absolute uniqueness of the composer are present mainly in the orchestration and instrumentation. His creative development was carried out in several stages: the first track of the growing legacy of Beethoven and Schubert, the second phase ...
Harry Gregson Williams
Harry Gregson Williams Harry Gregson Williams Introduction There are very few artists in the world that are blessed with pure talent. Irrespective of whatever the field may be, the ability to not just produce quality art pieces but keep producing them is not very common. One of such multi talented artists that still ...
Concerto Grosso
CONCERTO GROSSO Concerto Grosso in the Baroque Period Bill Winton MUS-355 November 18, 2011 Juan hernandez Concerto Grosso in the Baroque Period Introduction Baroque music style possesses certain similarities with the Western Classical Music style. Major portion of classical music cannon correlates with this form which is learned, performed and listened (Strunk, 1952). Due to the expanded size, ...
American Music
AMERICAN MUSIC Music Time Periods Music Time Periods This paper will discuss two musical eras (popular music and jazz music) and it will summarize the characteristics of two pieces of work. Jazz Music (1900-1950) Jazz is approximately one in 1900 in the southern United States created, initially mainly by African Americans brought forth music ...
Marvin Gaye’s “what’s Going On”
Marvin Gaye's “What's Going On” Abstract On 21st of May, 1971, critics raved when Marvin Gaye's “What's Going On” hit the streets. Marvin Gaye was named by Billboard as the “Trendsetter of the Year,” and his album was called by Time as a “vast, melodically deft symphonic pop suite.” Even Jesse ...
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