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Research Papers on Music

Students in the field of arts and music are required to make arts music research papers. This calls for excessive research which consumes a lot of time of the students. This section of Researchomatic incorporates great research material that helps the users to make arts music research papers on even the most difficult topics and score good grades.

Mandopop Music
MANDOPOP MUSIC Mandopop Music Mandopop Music Introduction The study of Chinese popular music began in the early 1990s with a focus on politics. Gradually, scholars came to address other issues including popular music and politics, authenticity, cultural identity, gender, fandom, and modernity, to name the few around which this brief overview is structured. These ...
Josquin Des Prez
Josquin Des Prez Introduction Renaissance is a French word which means re-birth. The era of Renaissance marked the new beginning of thoughts and feeling for the music through which the transformation was encountered in the institutions of Europe. Josquin des Prez [Josquin Lebloitte dit Desprez] was a Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance ...
Musical Time Capsule
Musical Time Capsule Air on the G String by August Wilhelmj August Wilhelmj composed his version of the air, which is known as "Air on the G String". It is the second movement from Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068 (Newman, Pp. 147-205). The song ...
Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 G Minor
Beethoven's Symphony No 5 G Minor Introduction Ludwig van Beethoven exact birth date is unknown, but is believed to be December 16, 1770. People believe this, because he was baptized on December 17, 1770 and it is customary in Catholic countries to be baptizing the following day of birth. He was a ...
Romantacism Movement
ROMANTACISM MOVEMENT Romanticism Movement Abstract Romanticism was a 19th-century artistic movement that highlighted individual expressiveness, replacing the more formal, hierarchical enlightenment certainties of the 18th century. Inspired by the libertarian ideals of the French Revolution and kick-started by the upheavals of the Napoleonic wars, romanticism was embodied in the life and work ...
Baroque & Classical Music
BAROQUE & CLASSICAL MUSIC Baroque & Classical Music Abstract Classical and the Baroque are the two era's with a rich history and usage ,therefore, this study aims to go into the detail of their history and the major differences between the two styles and highlight the notable and famous composers of both ...
Functions Of Music
FUNCTIONS OF MUSIC Functions of Music Functions of Music Introduction The idea that the function of a piece of music is determined by its sound and structure has been advanced by any number of commentators. In most cases, as noted by Alan Merriam (1964), the concept of function can refer to operating or playing ...
MUSIC Merriam's Functions of Music Merriam's Functions of Music Introduction The thought that the purpose of a part of melody is determined by its sound and arrangement has been advanced by any number of critics. In majority of the cases, as illustrated by Alan Merriam (1964), the idea of purpose could refer to ...
Art - Music
ART - MUSIC Art - Music Art - Music Music in Different Religions A lot of music has been composed to complement religion, and many composers have derived inspiration from their own religion. Many forms of traditional music have been adapted to fit religions' purposes or have descended from religious music. There is a long history ...
Rage Against The Machine
Rage against the Machine Introduction Rage against the machine was an American rock band, established in 1991. The group consists of guitarist Tom Morello, Zack de la Rocha the vocalist, Brad Wilk the drummer and Tim Commerford bassist and backing vocalist. The group belonged to Los Angeles, California. As the name suggested, ...
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