Personal and Professional Development

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Unit 13: Personal and Professional Development (Part.1)

Unit 13: Personal and Professional Development (Part.1)


This report intends to present the information about the self-managed learning and its evolution by evaluating its advances, in which professional and personal learning can be motivated. Essentially, self managed learning significantly profits the organization and an individual. In this document, I will introduce my skills and current competencies to the objectives of organization and against professional standards. Moreover, it would also highlight my needs regarding personal development and activities which can greatly courage me for meeting the organization's requirement. For increasing the boundaries of learning, self-managed learning is an incorporated approach that makes the work competent and also helps in learning various things which cannot be understood easily. Self-managed learning is like you make a goal about the process of learning and evaluate the reason of behaviours and knowledge for fulfilling such goals. Various people find out new things, for example, perceptions about different cultures, their behaviours, attitudes and personalities. It is important that person can only learn in the classrooms of schools, colleges or universities, but he can also learn through friends, newspaper, and social media and from many other ways. Somehow it is essential for a person to understand the significance of this method as it gives a chance for creating their strategy of learning.


I really want to approach this self managed learning technique for gaining best outcomes from my own self. The self managed learning method conducts multiple range of investigation in its own way. This method of learning utilizes various techniques for addressing the problems and finding out its solutions. This learning technique provides deep analysis of a subject matter, its context or setting with the complete and proper reasoning. I firmly consider that my professional career can be more reinforced if I gain some valuable education and degree in Information Technology. This technique is free flowing in its objectives for picking one's own weaknesses and strengths. Self managed learning plays a significant role in maintaining, developing, and improving quality by the assessment of key issues that cannot be addressed singly (Garrow, 1998, 6). This technique is a basis of giving wide view of the research, and also the analytic thinking of the entire results. One can ask many questions that what he or she shall do for gaining achievement and success by formulating his professional and personal way. In modern era, many ...
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