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Research Papers on Pedagogy

Applications essay is an integral part of education. Students are expected to write good quality research papers which becomes a great challenge because they lack experience and information. Researchomatic offers a platform which provides students with wide range of academic material to help write excellent research papers on the field of education.

Mentoring Initiative
Mentoring Initiative Mentoring Initiative Introduction Mentoring becomes a buzzword for media; community organizations, private organizations, and public devoted to entrepreneurship development follow suit noting that mentoring should be formally organized, scheduled as it is an effective mode of development, learning and management of human resource. The goal for most of the time ...
Assessing Student Performance
Assessing Student Performance Assessing Student Performance That subject matter is an essential component of teacher knowledge is neither a new nor a controversial assertion. After all, if teaching entails helping others learn, then understanding what is to be taught is a central requirement of teaching. The myriad tasks of teaching, such as ...
Strategic Tutoring
Strategic Tutoring Strategic Tutoring Introduction Education is meaningless without learning. The main aim of education is to learn different concepts daily and apply them in daily life. It is a lifelong process, and it must be an ongoing process. Although learning is a concept of understanding new things and getting more ...
English Learning
ENGLISH LEARNING Classroom Management [Name of Instituition] Classroom Management Introduction The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant facts and figures relating to teaching language as a second language. Teaching ESL is a difficult task and needs various approaches of teaching to be adopted by the ...
Comprehensive School Counseling Program
Comprehensive School Counseling Program [Name of Insitution]Table of Content Introduction3 Discussion & Analysis3 Mission Statement4 Counselling Intervention4 1.Support & Reinforcement4 2.Application of Specialized Methods5 3.Psychological Intervention5 Students' Orientation6 Guidance and curriculum7 Three levels of Curriculum7 Personality Development8 Guardian functions & duties9 References11 Comprehensive School Counseling Program Introduction Throughout their schooling, at specific times or permanently, in some specific fields, to some or all of them, many students ...
Water Conservation
WATER CONSERVATION Water Conservation Water Conservation Literature Review Water conservation lessons for middle and high school students should focus on motivating students to think about the part each person plays, and the actions they can take in using and conserving water, each lesson includes demonstrations, experiments and classroom activities that enable students to ...
An Analysis Of Federal And State Educational Reforms: Staff Development & Implications For African Americans Learners
An Analysis of Federal And State Educational Reforms: Staff Development & Implications For African Americans Learners An Analysis of Federal And State Educational Reforms: Staff Development & Implications For African Americans Learners Introduction Education sector is the most important domain in any country; one that makes its citizens productive and constructive. While in ...
Group Intelligence
Group Intelligence Using Interpersonal Intelligence Using Interpersonal Intelligence Introduction The most confusing chore of teachers who utilize cooperative learning is to analyze the teamwork skills displayed by the students upon working in the groups. The process or system of Interpersonal Intelligence is specially made for the children to analyze and evaluate ...
Behavorial Support Plans
BEHAVORIAL SUPPORT PLANS Behavioral Support Plans for Children Abstract A Behavior Support Plan is a plan that is often used to control and handle changes in the behavior of a child without worsening the situation. It is designed to address the changes in the behavior of a child that is actually affecting his ...
Foreign Universities In India
FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES IN INDIA Foreign Universities in India Abstract In this study we try to explore the concept of findings of scope of foreign universities in India in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on findings and its relation with scope of the foreign universities in India. The research ...
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