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Assignment on Education Theories

Pedagogy is a sensitive field where the need to make accurate tradeoffs in order to gain access to a particular research site is necessary. Researchomatic’s collection of pedagogy assignments provides the ease to conduct relevant research and to complete different types of pedagogy assignments within a reasonable time frame. The topics provided here will introduce you to a range of pedagogy issues and problems.

Letter Letter Primary Intervention (Prevention) Its purpose is to influence a global, i.e. all the elements and determinants of the problem, regardless of the subject possible victims of the drug. One of the primary prevention of alcoholism, for example, is to establish information campaigns through leaflets, brochures, orally, etc Following is the main ...
Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theories
GARDNER'S MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE THEORIES Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theories Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theories Dr. Howard Gardner, director of Project Zero and professor of psychology and educational sciences at the University of Harvard has since 1993 proposed his theory of Multiple Intelligences. Through this theory Dr. Gardner concluded that intelligence is ...
Research And Statistics For Social Sciences
RESEARCH AND STATISTICS FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES Research and Statistics for Social Sciences Research and Statistics for Social Sciences Research plays a vital role in the human services field. Utilizing research methods (such as the scientific method) assists human services professionals in making numerous informed decisions daily. This paper will provide ...
Learning Theory
Learning Theory Learning Theory The social learning is the acquisition of "social skills" and is thus a basic prerequisite for the success of an " open society ". Social competence is a key qualification for the globalized world of the future, as more people take on this planet, right, justice, security ...
CURRICULUM Curriculum development Curriculum development Introduction Curriculum refers to the syllabus that teachers follow to teach the student's whole year. The students must learn and get the knowledge that is required by the curriculum so that they can be promoted to the next level. It provides an advantage to the teachers and helps them ...
Human Development
Human Development Human Development The following paper discusses the theories of human development proposed by Freud and Erikson. In addition, we will also be discussing that how three people in different years of life are affected in learning with respect to the theories of human development. Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) has challenges ...
Schlossberg’s Transition Theory
Schlossberg's Transition Theory [Name of the Institute] Schlossberg's Transition Theory Schlossberg's Transition Theory Real World Student Case Study Currently, at the age of fourteen, if a student has been diagnosed with a learning disability, a transition plan is to be created for them by through their high school staff. If the student is planning ...
Theoretical Framework Analysis: Developmental Learning Theory
Theoretical Framework Analysis: Developmental Learning Theory Abstract The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore the developmental learning theory in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on developmental learning theory and the core principles and conceptions behind the theory. Nevertheless, the paper also examines the contributions ...
Worksheet WORKSHEET - UNIT 6 Task 1 a) Peter went to the cinema yesterday evening - Past simple Reason: The verb 'went' tells that the sentence is in past simple tense. In this sentence, the subject has completed a job recently. b) He had been living there for most of his life - Past perfect ...
Teaching Content Area
Teaching Content Area Teaching Content Area Reading Introduction The paper has provided comprehensive strategies to make students learn the subject of Social studies in the classroom. Every person is different from one another; same is the case with their learning abilities. Teachers have to face a challenge with every student being different ...
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