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Assignment on Education Theories

Pedagogy is a sensitive field where the need to make accurate tradeoffs in order to gain access to a particular research site is necessary. Researchomatic’s collection of pedagogy assignments provides the ease to conduct relevant research and to complete different types of pedagogy assignments within a reasonable time frame. The topics provided here will introduce you to a range of pedagogy issues and problems.

Educational Technology
EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Integration of Technology in the Classrooms and its Impact Integration of Technology in the Classrooms and its Impact Introduction Assessments of educational technology's value and effectiveness are in part influenced by the definition of the term that is used (Clark & Mayer, 2007). Currently common usage tends to assume that technology refers ...
Curriculum Design
CURRICULUM DESIGN Curriculum Design Curriculum Design is Central for Effective Learning Introduction As a plan for action or a written document that includes strategies for achieving desired goals and objectives. The steps are sequential glider. It has a beginning and end and a process or medium. Taylor defines it as a plan ...
Critical Analysis
CRITICAL ANALYSIS Critical Analysis of a Historical Science Example Critical Analysis of a Historical Science Example Idea - 1 DNA methylation is a heritable epigenetic mark involving the covalent transfer of a methyl group to the C-5 position of the cytosine ring of DNA by DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs). In plants, cytosines are ...
Educational Theories
EDUCATIONAL THEORIES Educational Theories [Name of the Institute]Education Theories Introduction Educational theories are very important as it refers to either to speculative enlightening thought, or it can be referred as a guide for professionals to educate their students (Dasen 2008, pp. 156-180). Educational theory or enlightening thought got informed by multiple standards which got ...
Attachment Disorder
ATTACHMENT DISORDER Attachment Disorder Attachment Disorder Introduction A few children manifest “disorganized” attachment, which bears the worst prognosis, because they lack a stable pattern of response and may fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably in their reactivity and their observable behaviors. In any case, children with Attachment Disorder may be expected to “act ...
Critical Thinking
CRITICAL THINKING Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Definition Critical thinking has been defined as an activity that questions assumptions regarding subject, discipline or phenomenon that may occur in a defined setting on both personal and proficient level. These days, in today's modern era, of rapid development, and expansion, even schools and educational institutions have ...
REINFORCEMENT Reinforcement- Educational Theories Reinforcement- Educational Theories Reinforcement Reinforcement in psychology is the stimulus that reinforces behaviour. It is any result or event, when it is contingent on an earlier response, increases the likelihood that this response appears again in the future. A reinforce or reinforcing stimulus is all that makes the behaviour that ...
Child Development
CHILD DEVELOPMENT Learning Practices and Child Development Learning Practices and Child Development Introduction Child development plays an integral role in developing the personality of the child as he grows up. To live a gratifying and momentous life, two areas are very important for individuals. Interpersonal relationships and intellectual capability development define the proper ...
The Institutional Review Board
THE INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD The purpose of the Institutional Review Board The purpose of the Institutional Review Board Introduction Local committees evaluating research projects, which took the name of Institutional Review Board (IRB), also known under the name of Ethics Committee (ERC) had a multidisciplinary composition. Thus, asked to play a ...
Reflective Practice
REFLECTIVE PRACTICE Reflective Practice Models with a Case Study Reflective Practice Models with a Case Study Introduction about the Topic This paper is about the reflective practice and discusses some examples of reflective practice. This paper includes the different models of reflection to describe the examples in a very effective and efficient manner. ...
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