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Assignment on English

English is a language which was originated from England which has now become an international language. Students who have chosen English as a course are often asked to submit English assignments. Keeping this in mind, Researchomatic is providing students a wide collection of topics written on English assignments. The assignments on English are prepared by qualified research professionals that will guide students in completing their English assignments.

Research: Annotated Bibliography
Research: Annotated Bibliography [Date of Submission] Research: Annotated Bibliography Levine, D. I. (1995). Reinventing the workplace: how business and employees can both win. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution. According to Levine (1995), employees often come to an organization with knowledge, skill and talent, and they expect a return on that investment. Therefore, an ...
How To Be An Effective Technical Writer
How to be an Effective Technical Writer The technical writers explores the creativity among the individuals that were working in the filed of journalism, fiction, advertising, essays, plays, poetry. In this regard, the technical writing in former times was explored in the filed of engineering. However, the ideas, systems and objects ...
Women are Equal to Men
ESSAY Essay Introduction3 Cultural Explanation3 Neurological Difference3 Psychological Differences4 A Difference Between the Physical and Psychological Aspects4 How big are the Differences?5 Discussion5 Differences with respect to Writing5 Men and Women Writing Sex6 Men and Women Writing Tears6 Reviews6 According to Male Authors7 According to Female Writers7 Popular Books of Female Writers8 Conclusion8 References9 Essay Introduction This fact cannot be denied that women belonging to modern world are equal to ...
Good Academic Practices
LAW Law Assignment Law Assignment Answer # 1 Good Academic Practice Good academic practices involve the ethics of writing among which the most important is to not to take credit of any work done by other authors or researchers. Such practice is called “plagiarism” in which words of any other author are represented as their ...
Avoiding plagiarism
TASK 3 & 4 Task 3 & Task 4 Task 3: Avoiding plagiarism What is meant by Plagiarism? The act of plagiarism conducted by an individual for purposeful cheating is corrupting the concept of scientific researches. The concept of plagiarism is simple, as it is an act of steeling others work and taking credit ...
The Butterfly Dreams
Synopsis Reading The Butterfly Dreams When Zhuangzi imagined he was a butterfly, a butterfly fluttering and rippling around, content with himself and doing however he wanted. Yet he didn't know whether he was Zhuangzi who had imagined he was a butterfly, or a butterfly envisioning he was Zhuangzi. This entry ...
Anticipated Problems Possible Solutions
LANGUAGE ANALYSIS Language Analysis Name:Language Analysis Assignment 1. My mother hasn't been very well. Anticipated Problems Possible solutions Meaning: Indicating some condition at past that happened for a particular time and was not good. Students might use present perfect with an event/state that has finished (instead of past simple), or use past simple to ...
Public Service Announcement (PSA) Advertisement
Public Service Announcement (PSA) Advertisement Public Service Announcement (PSA) Advertisement Background of the PSA The Public Service Announcement Advertisement involves the awareness campaign that is intended to educate the college students regarding the issue of racism and the negative consequences hold by racism in educational institutions and society. It has been observed ...
ENGLISH Contemporary Picture Book of Hansel and Gretel There was a big city called Perth where lived two children named Hansel and Gretel. They lived in a two bedroom apartment with their loving father and mother. Their father worked in a factory but hardly earned enough money to live easily, even in ...
Anth 200 Wk 3 Assignment Parts 1
ANTH 200 Wk 3 Assignment Parts 1 ANTH 200 Wk 3 Assignment Parts 1 Question: 1 Q1. Discuss the pros and cons of the Navajo Indians in New Mexico of keeping the Navajo language alive The Navajo Indians are the greatest reservation in North America; blanket a zone of around the range of 27,000 ...
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